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What are Geronimo Stilton Games?

Hello everybody, boys and girls and welcome back to our special world, full of games of different types and of course, so many adventures for you to try, most of them educative but we also have some dangerous challenges for those of you who want to be more rebel and to feel some real action, not all the boring stuff. All sort of games are ready for you all the time and we are working endlessly to our games and categories, in order to put available for you, only the top played games or categories all over the Internet so let's find out our category of games for you, offered by us, from today! Geronimo Stilton is the name of the category, a category entitled by the main character from the movie or book with the same name. Firstly, let's find some important dates or things about the book Geronimo Stilton, a best-seller, which has been launched severals years ago, in 2000! Since then, after seeing the great sells and the huge amount of money earned by its creator, it has been translated in English in February 2004, to be available for a larger range of kids from all around the world, because it is a kids lecture. So many films have been developed after launching the book and of course, even a TV series with the same name. Now, there may be some of you who already seen the series or read the book and if you are one of them, you already know how cool it is everything and it was worth being a best-seller. This is a certain because it is so much played nowadays too, in our society so this is such a great thing because the purpose of the book was educative! The lecture is dedicated to a particular category of readers, kids between 6 and 12-year-old, but you can join it too even if you are older, because this way you may understand more and everything could be more clearly for you. Let's find out what it is talking about in this superb and so cool series and book so let's start with the story. In the lecture, the story is about Geronimo Stilton, who is a mouse who lives on a mice island. This is the main storyline, but it develops many things, which have different connections to each other so let's find out firstly, who is this Geronimo Stilton. Geronimo is a famous newspaper writer, to the most famous newspaper from his zone, the mice island. He has a lot of friends, relative all of them mice too, and they develop different relationships, suggestive for their characters. Geronimo is a kind of perfect character for the kids, a real model to follow because he loves to read so many books and to listen to classical and quality music but he also has his typical weakness, collecting as much cheese, from everywhere he can. Thea Stilton is Geronimo's sister and she simply loves to travel, beacause this is her passion. She also loves meeting new guys, mice especially from each corner of the world and interact with them. She has such an importat role at her brother's newspaper, so she is a famous photographer, taking quality pictures all the time and so important ones and she is a professional journalist, so she receives the greatest rewards for her work, which is so high-qualitied! Beside these two brothers, there is Creepella, such a charming little mouse, who during the night is a manager and designer to so many horror movies and during the day, she learns all the time because she dreams to be a great journalist one day, so she works for her dream at day and at night she satisfy her pleasures! Trap Silton is a pretty quiter guy, because he is the cousin of Geronimo Stilton, the main character of the novel for kids, and Trap owns his personal boutique, a great fashion shop, with cheap close only. Let's join our heroes right now in the greatest adventure ever alongside Geronimo Stilton and play any kind of special puzzle, memory or shooting games with those mice! Good luck and hope you'll enjoy the latest games with Geronimo and his team, brought by our special category!