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What are Girl Games?

There is no better place for girls and women all over the globe to play games aimed towards their demographic than on Play-Games, where our category of Girl Games is one of the most developed ones, not only in the sheer number of online games for free available in it but also because of its diversity, as girls have all sorts of interest that they want to express themselves in even with online gaming, so we’ve got a little bit of everything for you!
If you want to try on clothes, go shopping for them, cook a delicious dish, decorate an apartment, clean up the house, put on makeup, this will be something you will get the chance to do on this page, where we have gathered all games for girls online from other categories on our website, and we also have original ones made just for it, something you are about to explore right now, since we want to give you a glimpse into this world!

We’ve got Makeup Games and Dress Up Games for girls everywhere

Of course, we started off telling you about our makeup and dress-up games online, because they are without a doubt the main attraction for any category of girls' games here.
You can use cosmetics like blush, eye-shadow, lipstick, lip balm, crayons for eyelashes and eyebrows, base, and various other cosmetics, with a wide range of colors, shapes, and options, giving each girl you are working on her dream makeup!
You can also peek into their amazing wardrobes, mixing and matching the clothing in them, such as cute dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, jeans, trousers, and various other tops and bottoms, jackets and coats for any kind of weather, sneakers, high-heels, boots, flats, and other footwear, and finish off their looks with trendy accessories like earrings, necklaces, hats, purses, glasses, gloves, and much more!
If you play makeover games on this page, then you usually get to do both these things in one game, but for most of them, you do it separately, while also having lots of shopping games here as well, where you buy the cosmetics and clothing before you can put it on your model!

Play Cooking Games online and learn how to make delicious food

Girls should learn how to cook from a young age, at least the bare minimum that they would need to survive on their own, as you won’t live with your mother forever, which is where our various cooking games come into play, giving you the chance to learn the recipes of dishes as simple as sandwiches or pizza, to tasty soups, shakes, salads, or you can even learn how to bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts!
Experiment with the shape, size, and color of the hair in our hair cutting games
It does not matter if you have the most expensive clothes if your makeup was done by the best makeup artist ever, or what brand of shoes you are wearing if you were to ruin everything up with a messy haircut! Girls and women all over the globe know the importance of a rocking hairstyle, which is why they put so much effort into their hair, so if you play our hairstyling games online and make sure they always have a good hair day!

Find out if your crush likes you back with Love Test Games

If you have a crush on a boy and are curious if it is written in the stars for you to be together, then you should definitely check out our collection of love testing games for free, where you put in your name and the name of your crush, and the game will determine how much compatibility is between you and him. You can measure this up not just by name, but also through your zodiac signs, or by taking a personality test. Since we’re here, maybe you just are interested in love in general, so hop on and play some kissing games online on our website, where you can help your favorite couples kiss one another without any disturbance!
Have fun with your favorite princesses, fairies, ponies, and other kinds of characters

There are many pieces of media out there aimed towards female audiences of any age, which is why there are so many games for girls online that you can play with your favorite characters, with Barbie being one such example, as she is featured in hundreds of games on our website, where you and she can become anything you want!
You can dress up your favorite princesses from Disney such as Elsa, Moana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan, or Jasmine, you can save the world using magic with the fairies from Winx Club, or you can learn about the power of friendship with Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, and the rest of the colorful cast in My Little Pony.
Every girl’s new favorite superheroine is here to invite you to help her in her missions to take out the baddies, so do that with our awesome Miraculous Ladybug Games, ride horses with our Spirit Riding Free Games, or maybe check up on what Minnie from Disney is doing. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate your dream house, and keep it clean

Women are very attentive to detail, and this doesn’t apply only to their looks, because if they are neat and lovely themselves, they want the same from their environment, which is why you can play cleaning games online on our website where you make sure that their houses are squeaky-clean, or try breathing some new life into their house or apartment by decorating it anew, with a new coat of paint or some awesome new furniture!


As you can see, we have created an incredible page of girl games online free for everyone to visit, explore, and interact with, where you can do all of these girly things and many more, since we don’t have time and space to cover all of the amazing activities that girls will hopefully take part in here, right now!