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What are Gta Games?

GTA games are inspired by the GTA series. The fame of the Grand Theft Auto games is due to the multitude of possibilities in the game. The series starts in 1997 with the first game "Grand Theft Auto". There are five main games, 1, 2, III, IV, V. If the game is older, their graphics are not as good, for examples, GTA 1 and 2 have 2D graphics, GTA III was already at a different level, in those years it was highly appreciated for 3D graphics. And GTA IV, V has HD graphics. The story in the game is the same year that the game was born: GTA - 1997, GTA 2 - 1999, III - 2001, IV - 2008, V - 2013. In every game, the player is a criminal who has a mission like assassinations, steal, crimes. The series is known for the open-world, you can ignore missions and then explore the map. You are not free to do anything without consequences because the police are after you at every illegality. It can be a maximum of 6 stars, 5 stars in GTA V and whenever you get another star, policemen become aggressive and more. At the maximum number of the star, the army joins the police in the mission of catching you.

Grand Theft Auto
This game, as well as the other games of the series, is known for the open-world. You have the role of a criminal who operates in 3 cities inspired by the USA. You can play with 8 different characters: 
Travis, Troy, Bubba, Kivlov, Ulrika, Katie, Divine, and Mikki. There is no difference between these characters, just as clothing. You have a limited number of lives and, if you die, the number of lives decreases. And when the player is on a mission, he can choose his car, the route, or the weapons to participate in mission. You work for other gang leaders and other corrupt people to grow up in society and the mission is assassinations, robberies, and murders.

Grand Theft Auto 2
In this game there are 7 gangster agents called: Zaibatsu, Loonies, Yakuza, SRS, Redneks, Russian Mafia și Hare Krishma. The game has 66 main missions but there are other bonus missions and the goal of the game is to gain respect from each of the gangster agents. Zaibatsu is a legal community that manufactures everything from cars, guns but who started with crimes. Loonies: for this community, you always have to do some crimes or explosions. Yakuza is a community that made drugs, but they are at war with the Loonies. SRS: they manufacture and sell weapons. Redneks is an agency run by Billy Bob and their truck is of the type pick-up. Russian Mafia, this mafia is known because it has the most resistant car, resistant to bullets, grenades. Hare Krishma, this agency is recognized for robbery and destruction.

Grand Theft Auto III
This game first released on PlayStation in 2001, for PC in 2002 and Xbox in 2003. The game is in Liberty City, is a city inspired by New York where we meet a criminal named Claude. This murder has a very interesting story. The action is taking place in this city, in 2001 after robbing a bank, Claude's girlfriend shot him and flee with the driver of the car. Claude escapes the shooting but is caught by the police and once in prison for 10 years. During transport to prison, the police are under attack, and Claude and 8-Ball's friend escape and go to the house of this friend. The goal of the game is to gain respect for the city's leading people and take revenge on his girlfriend for treason. Because it is an open-world game, and has 3D graphics, it was declared the most sold game in 2001. After the phones evolved GTA III, it also appeared on Android and IOS.

Grand Theft Auto IV
The story is also happening in Liberty City, in 2008 and the main character is Niko Bellic. He moves to the town because he wants to start a new life. It is no long before Niko enters the world of illegalities. After helping his cousin with the taxi company, he knows Little Jacob, a drug trafficker, and Vladimir Gleblov. This is where the whole action starts. Niko makes many girlfriends and they are very useful in time or help him escape the police or make him a discount on clothes and more. What is different in this game from the rest, is that the end can end in 2 different ways. Another thing different is that the game has HD graphics, the first-ever GTA series game whit HD graphics. In 2008 it reached a record as the most sold product, exceeding the sales of the best film, game or book.

Grand Theft Auto V
The action is taking place in Los Santos, 2013, the city is inspired by Los Angeles. What's different in this game is that you have 3 main characters and you have total control over them: 
 Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. The story begins in 2004 with a robbery involving Michel, Trevor, and Brad Snider. They escape with life from the bank but when they arrive at the farm are expected by FIB. Brad Snider is shot by FIB and Michel asks Trevor to leave him behind. Michel's plan is to set his death, he succeeded, but is seen. From this the whole adventure starts, a very interesting adventure full of suspense and action. GTA V also has a multiplayer game mode where you can play with up to 16 players in a session. Here is another game, with other missions, missions you can make on your team, there are races, you can buy your own business, and more. The goal in multiplayer is to make a lot of money, to have a lot of cars, and a lot of business. This game is some of the games that focus on details.

The Publisher's opinion
The games bring you into the criminal world. Every game in this series has a different and unique story. I appreciate the series because it is open-world and gives me the opportunity to take up my time by exploring the map. The last game that is GTA V, was above my expectations, attention to the details was extraordinary. I like you can control the lives of 3 totally different people. When I've finished playing the story, I prefer to play on private servers. There I can play with other people in my country and play roleplay.

You can add mods on GTA?
Of course, mods you can add in GTA V, there are mods made by people, from graphics to characters and more.

Can you explore the sea?
Yes, you can swim in GTA but you have a limited time to stay without air.

You can costume your character?
Yes, in the story you can only dress your characters but online you can make your character the way you want.

Where I can buy GTA 5?
You can buy it from Steam or Rockstar Games.

Have fun!