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What are Hamster and Gretel Games?

Our team is proud to be the first one to share with everyone the Hamster and Gretel Games category of Disney Channel Games we've just created, as we wasted no time at all after the premiere of the show on August 12th to bring you playable content based around it, because when the first game based on the series dropped, we shared it with you instantly, proof of why you should visit our website day after day, ensuring you have the best time possible!

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Kevin is a 16-year-old boy whose life completely changes when his sister, Gretel, but also, weirdly enough, her pet hamster, get superpowers from aliens. Why is that? Well, the three now have to work together to use those powers as wisely as possible for good, teaming up to protect their city. Hamster and Gretel do it upfront, while Kevin works behind the scenes to ensure they always save the day!

Despite always meaning well, Gretel gets excited really fast, and she jumps at the chance to use her brute force, which is why sometimes, the missions she goes on can go sideways. At least Kevin, her brother, guides her and tries to fix up her messes, even if he is the unluckiest of characters in the show, always something bad happens around him.

While Hamster can speak, in addition to his powers, he only does it for comic relief moments. Fred is the sibling's cousin who is smart but cynical, so he is their tech support. The mother of the two children, Carolina, works as a nurse.

Now that you know the characters, as well as their purpose, nothing should hold you back from starting to have fun with them right away, setting things off with a fun and quirky pinball game, although you can expect it to be different from a regular one since superheroes are involved.

This is just the beginning, though, so expect plenty more games with Hamster and Gretel to drop here free of charge and unblocked, and you can bet they will appear here first, so come back as often as possible!