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What are Happos Family Games?

When it comes to Cartoon Network’s secondary channel, Boomerang, not only does it do an amazing job of bringing classic shows from older generations and presenting them to the kids of today, but it also has a bunch of new and original shows that always charm its audiences, just like we’re positive has been the case for the Happos Family show that started a few years back!

Meet the members of the Happos Family, so you can have more fun playing with them!

Just as their name suggests, the family is comprised out of hippos, some of the most beloved animals among children, because they are usually big, but at the same time they are really cute, and they seem like the most innocent animals in the world.

This specific family of hippos lives in a park in Africa, and they are named the Happos. The park is visited by people from all over the world, tourists, so during the day, you can see the hippos lazying around and waste time.

Well, when the sun sets and night comes, and there are no more people around, the hippos start all the fun, and they change their personalities completely, with all sorts of crazy things starting to happen all over the park!

You’ve got hippos who want only to party, some are astronauts who are trying to figure out how to get to the moon, or some of them perform stunts to draw all attention towards them. Each one has a personality trait that is enhanced to the max, making their actions quite funny!

The Happos do not speak, but their body language speaks for them, showing you what they think and what they feel, and it is usually very funny to see what they do. They do parachute jumping, do ballet, go on treasure hunts as pirates, dance, and much more!

Play Happos Family Games and interact directly with these amazing characters!

For a category that has been around for a few years, it is naturally quite diverse, with some of the formats included here being basic puzzle games, memory games, or coloring games, where your skills and your brains are tested and developed at the same time, and so is your creativity!

You have more action-oriented games as well, such as stunts games where you do crazy jumps and flips, a game where you create your own hot-air balloon and fly into the sky with it, or you can find out how well you know these characters by playing a quiz game featuring them.

You should also definitely take a look at the Boomerang Games where these characters are featured among their other friends from the network, where you can play all sorts of sports and improve your various skills!

One thing is certain, you will never run out of fun when it comes to the Happos Games you get to find and play here for free, and when new games with these characters appear, here you will find them first, guaranteed!