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What are Hero Elementary Games?

We now invite kids from all across the world to play Hero Elementary Games online and join this hero course where they can learn how to become superheroes themselves, in a virtual setting where they get to assume the roles of their favorite characters from this PBS Kids show, which is also airing on other networks all across the globe, so there must be quite a lot of eager fans wanting to get into the fun themselves, something we promise they will be able to do here, and we will always be the first ones sharing new games from this show, so this is the best place for you to be right now, no doubt!

Hone your skills through our Hero Elementary Games online!

The main characters we follow have a group name, The Sparks Crew, and they are:

  • Lucita Sky can fly, but she is a bit scared of heights, which causes quite a lot of funny moments.
  • AJ Gadgets does not only invent all sorts of tech items for support but he can also do mental projection, showing pictures from his own thoughts in front of other people.
  • Sara Snap has both super-strength and teleportation, but coconuts can make her lose her powers, which is a new kind of allergy, for sure.
  • Benny Bubbles can create them, which come quite in handy at times, and he is always ready to jump and save animals, which he loves.

The group is being trained by none other than Mr. Sparks, always with tons of enthusiasm, but also good lessons, and he can also act as their driver when their missions take them to new places. Finally, we've got Fur Blur, a hamster who is the pet of the class and can run really fast, and his thoughts are shown as large clouds.

Quite the cast of characters, no? Well, it is, and now that you met them, play their games with Hero Elementary online, where you get to take snapshots of all four seasons, build a treehouse for the headquarters, solve some awesome push-pull puzzles, learn about recycling through a rescue mission, or train your power jump skills to jump straight into missions.

We are pretty sure that we've got your interest in these games already, without a doubt, which can only mean one thing, you should now start playing the games right away, and then share them with as many of your friends as possible too, they won't want to miss them!