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What are Home Games?

Home Games is one of the newest categories appeared on our website, a category beautiful animated film inspired by named Home. In this category you have games of all kinds for all ages, girls and boys. This is a very popular film which will be a great success at the time of publication, the aliens who come to Earth after their planet was destroyed. Aliens are invading Earth and their captain Boov breed is called Smek. They force people to move to another part of the planet while they took people's homes. Between these aliens exist a friendly alien, head in the clouds, who likes to have fun and not interested in conquering the world. This is called Oh and is one of the main characters of this film. It gives a big party at his house and invites many extraterrestrials. Oh accidentally sent an invitation intergalactic party in the galaxy and the greatest enemy aliens Boov find their location and head toward Earth. Oh alien outer fired from the band and is on his own. As they foraged meets guy, a young girl who was separated from her mother Lucy during the invasion. The two are forced to work to find her mother's type and save the planet. They are caught in the middle of a battle between aliens and they eventually manage to turn the balance in favor of the forces of good and save the Earth from destruction. In these games in games with Home you have to work very much like to have the chance to enter the top of the best players. The only way to enter the top is to collect more points in each game. Not all games are on points, so you will and creativity Home games in which you need to create characters, was dressed characters or pictures to color our favorite heroes from the film Home. In these games in games with Tip and Oh you have to pay attention to instructions received if you want to know exactly what to do to achieve your goal successfully. Tip and Oh are enemies at first but have many adventures together and begin to befriend. By the end they are best friends and they manage to agree people to understand aliens. Most games with Tip and Oh are mild at first, but as you advance to higher levels of obstacles that you give will give you big headaches and will be increasingly difficult to carry out your tasks successfully. Pay us a clump if you like games with Tip and Oh and leave us a comment in which you tell us what you think of our site.