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What are Hunter Street Games?

Hunter Street Games is a new category appeared on our site where you will get all kind of games for girls and boys. In this amazing category you will get ability games, interaction games and so on many others. You have to try them all in order to find your favorite one. Try these game from Hunter Street Games category and then let us know if you want more because we are here to make you happy. We try every day to bring you new games and weekly to come up with new categories for you, our loyal visitors. I am going to bring you a lot of challenges with the main characters from the new Nickelodeon series. In the series you will meet five interesting kids which were adopted by two great persons. Their foster parents are now missing and the kids want to find them. They have to find clues in order to find out where are the parents gone. They will work together to solve this mystery in order to find their foster parents because they are all they got. The kids are Max, Tess, Anika, Daniel and Sal. They are very good friends and they will do whatever it takes to find their parents. There are a lot of new things that they will find out the bad people who will want to stop them so they have to work together to find a way to get over any obstacle that come in their way and solve the mystery to find the parents. They hope their parents are well and to see them soon because they miss them very much. We are going to bring you a lot of interesting category. You have to use the mouse all the time to complete your tasks in the Hunter Street Games category but if you need other controls we are going to tell you. Leave us a comment to tell us if you want some new categories here on our site. If you had fun playing these games from the Hunter Street Games category we are going to be very happy. In one game you will get a real challenge, to find the hidden objects from the room. You will get another room in every level. At the bottom you will see the list with all the objects that you have to find. Try to do your best to spot the objects really fast if you want a chance to reach the top where are only the best of the best. In this new game for kids you need a well developed sense of observation to complete your goal. Do your best to make sure that you will complete your goal in the game because in this way you can prove how good are you. In this game the time is the most important factor. The second game is an interaction one where you have to interact with the kids. You can give them objects to see what they will do with them. A lot of objects you can find in a suitcase from the left side of the screen. You can also move the kids in the room. You will use the mouse to interact with them in this cute game for all the boys and the girls who love hunter street games category. There are a lot of interesting games here for you so I am sure you will not get bored. Try all the games with Sal, Anika, Tess, Max and Daniel to see which one you love and tell us that. in this hunter street games category you will get new challenges every week so stay tuned. Even though some games are simple at the beginning you have to be careful. If you can not complete your goal successfully from the first attempt do not give up, try again and I am sure you can do better. Leave us a comment to tell us what kind of games you want here on our site. A lot of games are easier at the beginning to let you get comfortable with the rules but as you progress in higher levels you have to work harder to accomplish your goal, you have to pay more attention and you should work harder. We are here for you so tell us if you have problems on the site. We are here to fix them for you as fast as possible to make your staying here as pleasant as possible. Each game has a description where you can find out what is your goal, what you have to do to complete your objective, which are the rules, what buttons you need to play and so on. there you can find also useful tips that can help you get over some difficult obstacles.