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What are IClary Games?

IClary Games is a unique category, published on our website play-games.com and dedicated especially children watch iCarly serialu. Friv team considered that such a category is needed for children who have a model on one of the characters in this series, such as Carly Shay or her brother, Spencer Shay. If you have no idea or have not heard of this series, we help you and give you some details about it. iCarly is a super comedy, produced by Nickelodeon, in which Carly Shay is the main character, an ordinary girl who goes to school and lives alone with his brother Spencer Shay. Carly is common as a small star, already a teenager, because it, along with a friend of hers, held each week, an online show where the two girls, along with Freddie Benson, the guy in charge of assembly, which is a writer, editor and many others, discussed several topics that seems to catch and please the public. We realize this because iCarly is somewhere in the 27 million fans on Facebook official page, something that is not really a bargain. The series premiere was in 2007, and since then, until 2012, when he finished last season, the series was constantly growing in all the six seasons. For objective reasons, the series has continued with the 7th season, thus ending with just 6, though fans were eager to see one in May. Now that we've cleared up somewhat on iCarly, we can say that in this category we will add many games quite varied, which we hope will appeal to you. In games you will be able to meet your favorite characters even you can control them, or you have to take care of them. Give all your best to get high scores in every game. The points are very useful, if you want your endeavor filed in a game is not vain, so with a high score with a chance to come in among the top players on the site. Success!