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What are Invisible Sister ?

Welcome again on our website, an new and amazing website were you can play a lot of new games and where you will find good categories with amazing and educational new games. Today we will have the pleasure to add a new category on our website and we hope you will like it. Today we will talk about this amazing category called Invisible Sister but before of everything we will present you a little bit this website and what you can find here and what games we add every day. This website where we add every day games in called, you will find here educational games. We call them educational games because you will learn a lot of good things playing them. This educational games look like puzzle games, where you can learn to move faster and your brain to think quickly. Another educational game like matching games and games where numbers or stars or letters are hidden and you will have to find them, in this type of games your eyes will be focused on the screen and on your mouse. This categories will wait you with surprises and this things and this surprises will stay in mystery until you will find them and this things makes you to be very curious. On our website you will be able to play many types of games like ability games, action games, animal games, girls games, boys games and so on. First of all, before we will present you the instructions and about what this category and the games in this category are we will wish you good luck because somewhere you will have. And now let's talk about this category and about what this category prepared for you. This category is based on a new cartoon called Invisible sister and you can watch it on occasionally on Disney Chanel or you can watch it on the internet when you want. In this new category, where we will add soon some games we will talk about two sisters. Cleo, the main character played by Rown Blanchard, is a teenager who lives in her oldest sisters shadow called Molly. Molly is played by Paris Berelc. Molly is very popular at school and she is recognized by everyone at school. Cleo is noticed compared to her sister and she is an excellent student and she loves to learn science and she is very passionate about this class. Her science teacher Mr. Perkins sees her potential and she gave to Cleo an idea, to create some substance. Cleo accepts this obligation and she is going home and she will be preoccupied about this substance. Later, while Molly is preparing food for her lacrosse team, a moth flies by and distracts Cleo, causing her to accidentally mix some unknown chemicals into her solution. The solution changer the moth into invisible and her sister, before she goes to bad, the drinks that invisible moth and by the morning she changes into invisible, think that will made Cleo and Molly to be horrified. Cleo must to behave at school like her sister and like she, think that is very difficult. Cleo and Molly tries to do many things to make her visible again but in the most time this things that they made ends wrong. In the lacrosse game, Cleo has a rough start but slowly gets into the game with Molly's help, resulting in a victory for the team and Molly is very thankful. This things and the thing that Molly is invisible approach them and make them to understand good, thing that is very good because in the beginning, they do not have a good relationship. And this cartoon will end when her sister turns into visible and her parents arrive home and everything looks normal. In this time, when Molly was invisible, her boyfriend thought Molly was upset her because she always eluded him but he figure out that she was invisible just in the end and he understand why she always eluded him. And this is the end of the Disney Movie but you can watch it full on the internet. In this category we will add some games for you to play them as soon as possible. The games will be funny and you will love them because we played them already and we had fun and we loved them. We always add good games for you to play. The games in this category will be puzzle games, coloring games and this sort of games. You will be able to meet the girls in this games. The sisters are waiting for you to play with them. After you play this games you will be able to give us a like and you can of course to leave us a comment about how you felt during the games. Before of all, we are glad that you have chosen us and because you play our games. We wish you good luck and we wait you to play all our game. Good luck and have fun!