Jagger Eaton's Mega Life

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What are Jagger Eaton's Mega Life?

Hello, buddies! We have the greatest pleasure to present to you the latest category of games published on our amazing gaming site, full of spectacular games only and just for your fun and entertainment! Jagger Eaton's Mega Life is the headline of this category and in spite of the fact that it sounds pretty simple, the action is so complexe and you have to do so many things if you wanna keep it up with the teen adventurer, named Jagger Eaton! He has a single line in his life: Go hard or go home! However, the great teenager Jagger Eaton is an apparently normal and ordinary teenager, but he's got a couple of so special skills when it comes to the skating domain so he has decided to share it with all the people in the world, through the Internet, of course, because this is the easiest way! Beside the awesome games from this category that may convince you how great he is, you can follow his kind of vlogs from each episode, full of adventure and adrenaline. Jagger Eaton's Mega Life is a TV animated series promoted by Nickeloden so join the adventure and get in this crazy and full of stunts world! There will be different actions and adventure for you to accomplish, because this guy has also the purpose of spreading his craziness all over the world, trying to meet, interact and bound friendships with talentend people when it comes to skating from all around the world! Grab the skate and go seeking all kind of adventurers! Feel the real adrenaline by accomplishing different tasks alongside the awesome Jagger, like the ones from the games in this category, games which involve puzzle matching, doing stunts or even racing against another players. Jagger is a real character so the animations are less in this category of games but the action will be so real! Jagger has a purpose in life, finding another people just like him and you can help him by joining him in his adventures, matching different pieces of puzzle during his training or different contests, racing against another players on some really tough ramps and skateboarding fields and many more this kind of special and so crazy games, only for you and your friends, to taste the real adrenaline that this guy feels everyday! It's called a mega life because he is never getting bored, but all the time there are things to do for him because this means a real skater life. This is the latest TV animated show launched by Nickelodeon so taste it from the scratches! Jagger is so excited to meet new friends and of course, to spread his idea of skating all around the world and you are the right person for helping him. Growing on the streets of New York, with so many thugs alongside him, there was a kind of escaping for him, skateboarding and once with passing the time, it has became a kind of ordinary thing, something which is done from pleasure not just like a kid's play. He is recording himself all the time in order to show the world his abilities and this not always invovles making the greatest stunts but sometimes it really hurts but this is the funny aspect! Let's start watching and playing alongside Jagger Eaton in order to convince yourself that he really lives a perfect mega life and for this, you should try all the games from this category, which will definitely bring you several steps closer to your purpose! Good luck and be at least as a fearless adventurer as our hero, Jagger Eaton and build yourself a Mega Life inspired from his one!