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What are Jamie's Got Tentacles Games?

Jamie's Got Tentacles Games is our great new category added on our site, where our play-games.com team tries to do exactly as you expect and manage to believe in everything that you consider to be awesome all around the place from here. Show us that you are going to be able to achieve everything from the first try. It is certain that you are going to be sure about stuff that would occur from time to time in there. So, prepare to hear a lot of stuff that would probably impress you about this great game category. We are sure that you are going to have time to do everything that you consider to be great over and over again because that is what a true character like you would be able to make. So, Jamie is the prince of an interesting planet called Planet Barb. The reason of which he is on earth is because he is hiding from some awful alien creatures that usually eat princes like him. The way they found that he was wanted to be eaten, is because his father was one day reading the newspaper and saw that his son was the menu to the malicious aliens from there. After seeing such a thing, he started packing the things that he needed including his sunglasses, his umbrella, sunscreen and not last his human costume. If you wonder how he got that human costume, it was because of his mother Blurbina. After saying goodbye he goes to earth and lands on Erwin's background. After he sees that, the human boy faints and does not remember what happened. He was pretty confused and no one could do a thing about that. After going to meet his family everybody liked him and somehow he became Erwin's best friend and no one else could ever separate them. He told him that he is his foreign best friend, so that he is going to be able to stay at their place without any problems. Figure out, everything that you are going to expect from it and never let us loose because it would occur just fine if you think it like that. Go ahead and teach us that you can make till the end. We are going to talk a little more about Jamie's personality because he is the most important character that you need to know more about. He is really optimistic and always try to get back home, when he thinks it is safe so he could see his parents. That is what makes him quite brave and that is what you have to think of him. He is really polite to erwin's family and tries to help them as much as he can. He is kind of overprotective to Erwin and sometimes they get into trouble. He is aware that there are two agents sent on earth so that they would capture him, but he tries to do everything that he can in order to gain the situations that would occur over in time. When he finds out that he is being pursued he tries to do everything in order to get rid of those agents. He is quite brave because he tries to fight them and do not let them do anything because of the most interesting thing is that he would never give up. He loves his parents and tries to do anything for them, and that is why a lot of people think he is kind of different. Probably because the orther price had already been eaten by these evil malicious villains. Well, most of them, not quite all. We need to see that you are going to make sure to win everything that you expect around here and win all the stuff that matters. Good luck.