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What are Jelly Ben and Pogo Games?

Jelly Ben and Pogo Games is our latest category created around a new show from PBS Kids, which keeps putting out simply some of the best content possible out there when it comes to a viewing experience and gaming hybrid, all the while having tons of educational elements since this is the public broadcasting channel for children, and many of their shows are also meant to represent various cultures and peoples from across the world, just like it is the case with this one, which focuses on Filipino characters!

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Jelly and Ben are two Filipino siblings, and Pogo is a green sea monster and their best friend. It focuses on the immigrant living of these kids, how they keep their culture and customs alive in the new nation they are living in, they teach kids how to be creative and use design to solve problems, and how important it is to snack on some delicious food.

As the two siblings learn more about life in America, the green monster also learns about life above water. This also applies to the games with Jelly Ben and Pogo you will play here, as they have a deep educational element, mainly about Filipino culture, as is the case with the first game in the series, Super Duper Halo-Halo, where you learn how to make this traditional dessert.

Now that you have learned all about this new world, make sure to enter it, because without playing the games, you are not going to have the experience you are looking for, and, as always, you can bet on having an amazing time, as with any and all categories we make sure to bring along for you here all the time!