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What are Juacas Games?

Juacas Games category is the newest category appeared on our site, a category inspired from a Disney Channel new series. In this series you will see a lot of surfers gathering on an island where will be a surf competition in teams. There are three important teams in the series: the Juacas, The Red Sharks and the Mermaids. There are a lot of teams but the show is focusing on these three. I am sure you will follow their adventures carefully and you will find heroes and villains in the show. I think after a while you will have favorite characters in the show and you will live with emotion each scene from the series. On that special island there are amazing waves and surfers love them because they can beat records and make great stunts in the water. At the contest the participants get points for the stunts, for the precision, height and so on. Each team has three members and they have to perform once. They have individual performances and then they will go all three at once. I am sure you will love to see all these stunts with surfers in the new series. I am sure you will love the boys from Juacas because they are very good friends and they know how to party. The mermaids is a great team formed by three beautiful girls which are very competitive. They do not want to let the boys think that they are better than them at surf just because they are boys. The Red Sharks are evil because they would do everything to stop their competition. You will see great friendships in this game and also relationships between the girls and the boys, I am sure you will enjoy watching this bonds forming during the show. The red Sharks are going to lose because they are not fair. The Mermaids and the Juacas are going to form an alliance to stop the non fair play participants. During the show you will not see just scenes with surf because you will see also the personal life of the heroes, their parties, their adventures and so on. There will be a lot of conflicts in the show and I think you will watch them with emotions. You can learn a lot about friendship, fair play and competitive spirit from this series and I am sure you will be grateful to the main characters. Now on our site you have the Juacas Games category where you have the chance to interact closer with your heroes from the new series. Give us a like if you had fun playing these games with Juacas and tell us if you want more. Our site wants to bring you at least ten new games every day. We have also new categories each week because we want to keep you busy all the time. Here you are going to be tested so use your agility, attention, competitive spirit, focusing in order to complete your goal every time. Although some games are easy at the beginning you do not have to hurry to underestimate them because they are made like this on purpose. You have to be more and more careful as you progress in higher levels because there are new challenges waiting for you. In Juacas Games category you are going to have some puzzles to solve. At the top in the right you have the start button and when you press it you will make the pieces mix. If you press the button from the left side the puzzle will be solved by the computer. Try again if you can not make it from the first attempt and I am sure you are going to solve it faster. Let us know if you had fun playing these games and we are going to do our best to bring you more games. The most important thing is most of the games is agility. If you complete a game fast you will get more points so there will be more chances for you to reach the podium where are only the best of the best. The heroes from Juacas trust your skills that is why you have to work a lot to prove them that they were right and you deserve a place on the top where are only the best players in the world. The Juacas Games category is going to be updated if we see that you enjoy the first games. You have here also a memory game where you will search for the pairs. You have a lot of cards with your heroes from the new Disney Channel series.