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What are Kally Mashup Games?

Every time when you return here on play-games.com, you can find a new games category in which you can find new games and new characters. Today, we are bringing for you a very special category based on a special Nickelodeon cartoon. This new games category can be found by the name of Kally's Mashup, and you dear friends have the chance to see that this is going to be a new musical Cartoon telenovela based on a real story, and from today on, you will be able to find the Kally Mashup games right here on our website, and that means that once you see a cool Kally's Mashup tv series episode on Nickelodeon, you can come on play-games.com and search for awesome Kally Mashup games that you can play for free with all your friends. The Kally's Mashup story is a Nickelodeon musical telenovela, and you dear friends can see that it's starring a lot of Argentinian girls and boys that are trying to become song writers and singers around the globe, and with your help, they have a better shot at fulfilling their dream, but for that you will have to be extra careful in each challenge that Kally will prepare for you here on our website. This is going to become your favorite games category here on play-games.com, because dear friends you can see that Kally will bring many teenage girl challenges, make up, dress up and hairstyle games and challenges that we are sure that you will manage to finish and help Kally be fashion like any other high school girl on our website, but at the same time, you will find puzzles, coloring games, adventure games and ability challenges that you can play for free right here on our website. Kally will have a lot of fun stories for you to hear and learn from them once you grow up, because remember that Kally is just like you, a teenage girl from Argentina that wants to become an actress or a singer. Kally is 13 years old and likes to sing, and that made her go to a singing art school, where she made a lot of friends and where she is struggling to do her best in each class. We are sure that many other girls and boys here on play-games.com can relate to Kally's Mashup story, and that's why we are sure that you are going to love to play this new girly games right here on our website. Kally's favorite instrument is the piano, and you dear friends will see that she will have a lot of piano recitles and concerts during her funny games, and we are sure that you will have a blast playing the piano, singing and dacing in this new Kally's Mashup games category on play-games.com. Kally, Dante and Andy are going to be the most famous characters that you will be meeting and playing with, and we are sure that you will have a great time helping all the characters gain points in each challenge. Kally is the main character of this new category, and she will bring many music games that you can finish, Andy is a talented musician that goes to the same college as Kally. Dante is a famous DJ that start's to become friends with Kally, and we are sure that he is going to take a really big part of the games here on play-games.com, where we are waiting for you to search for Kally games, Kally Mashup games and for the entire Kally's Mashup games category that is live already, and you can find the cutest games that you can play for free with all your friends. Have fun!