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What are Kiff Games?

Kiff Games Online is a brand new category made for a brand new show airing on Disney, named after the title character of the same name, who we are going to follow in a musical-comedy series we are sure is going to be to the delight of so many kids all around the world, and we will now give our best to prove it, making sure to tell you more about this world, so you can start playing its games as soon as possible!

Find out why our Kiff Games online are simply the best!

Table Town is the fictional setting of this show, a place inhabited by animals as well as magical creatures, so we already have quite an interesting world to offer you up a platter. Kiff is a young squirrel filled with optimism, but this is what usually leads her to blow things out of proportions, ending up with all sorts of crazy things that happen around her, in which she usually drags her best friend along as well, Barry, who is a mellow bunny in contrast, and always really sweet.

Along the way, they interact with their families, baristas, teachers, other students, and god knows who else, since there is always something magical happening in this town, as you can presume.

Reel Good Time represents quite a very good start to this series because in this game you are going to join Kiff and Barry in searching for items, wacky ones, that Helen has requested, all through Tabletwon, meaning that you get to learn more about this place and its inhabitants, and thus get better familiarized with the show too.

What are you waiting for? The introduction has been made, so all that is left is for you to start playing our games with Kiff online, first added on our website, as here we will always be on top of offering you the best new content there can be!