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What are Kingdom Force Games?

Lots of awesome animated shows come from Canada, and when they start being aired on channels that are worldwide, such as Boomerang, then you know that there is lots of interest for kids to play games based on that, which we are sure is also the case when it comes to Kingdom Force Games, for which we have now created a dedicated page where we will make sure to bring you the best content this world has to offer!

Meet the Kingdom Force!

Kingdom Force is the name of a squad made out of five talented and wonderful animals who go on missions day after day, missions where they use their abilities to help protect the many residents of various animal kingdoms.

They are basically superheroes of this animal world, and if there is a fire, a storm, a volcano that is erupting, someone is falling off a cliff, or any other kind of danger, they spring into action and always work their hardest to save the day!

Also, to make things even more interesting, each member of the squad pilots a robot that has its own abilities and purpose in the group, and these five robots can combine with one another to create the Alpha-Mech, a huge robot that can defeat any foe.

Luka is the leader of the gang, a wolf with no fear coming from the Forest Kingdom, whose robot is the head and torso of the mech, and can fly. Jabari might be the youngest of the bunch, but he is a cheetah from the Plain Kingdoms who you can always rely on, and his robot is very fast.

Next up we present to you TJ, who is a badger that used to live in the Canyon Kingdom, which was underground, which is why his vehicle is a digger. He is also the team’s analyst, and you can always rely on his plans.

Dalilah is the only girl in the group, but she can measure up to the boys with no problem at all! She pilots an orange crawler, and she is a gorilla from the Jungle Kingdom who is the smartest member of the team, of course!

Then we’ve got Norvyn, a polar bear from the Ice Kingdom, who is the strongest member of the squad, and his vehicle can go underwater like a submarine. The newest member of the team is Sprocket, a koala who creates the technology that the team uses in their missions.

What games with Kingdom Force online can you play?

Well, this show is only in its beginning stages, so the category does not have hundreds of games or anything like that, but it has a cool action game where you save people from a volcano that is spewing lava, or you can be creative by coloring the Kingdom Force characters, or challenge yourself by solving puzzles with them.

Of course, this is just the beginning, and you can bet that when new Kingdom Force Games for kids appear on the internet, it is on our website you will find them first!