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What are Let's Go Luna Games?

Let's Go Luna Games is a category based on the PBS Kids with the same name, which started a few years back, and is still going quite strong, and it makes a lot of sense because its creator has already done some pretty iconic children's shows in the past, such as Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Laszlo. Those were meant for kids a bit older, but this is Joe Murray's first preschool educational show, which has had two seasons and sixty-four episodes in total, and more to come.

Learn and have fun at the same time with our Let's Go Luna Games online for kids!

Three kids who are also animals are the focus of this show:

  1. Leo, a wombat from Sydney, Australia
  2. Andy, the frog from the USA
  3. Carmen, Mexico's prettiest butterfly

They have quite the life, one that not most children can say that they have, because their parents are circus performers, so they travel all across the globe with their troupe, the children included, and the team is called 'Circo Fabuloso'!

Through their various stops across the world, they are joined by Luna, the Moon, who takes the shape of a tall woman with legs, arms, and a hat on top of her head, and what she does is teach the children things about that country's music, culture, food, people, and traditions.

The children who watch this show can also learn at the same time as the characters, which is an important feature of the games with Let's Go Luna we have here, where we can mention the following titles:

  • Chef Leo's Crazy Kitchen, where you will be cooking food from around the globe
  • Andy's Art Studio, where your creativity will flower
  • Carmen's World Orchestra, if you are up for singing and playing music
  • Luna's Seek and Find to improve your observation skills
  • Postcards Around the World to do some arts and crafts
  • Fabuloso's Fantastic Flight, which puts you on a hot air balloon

As you can see, the field has been set for you to have entertaining educational experiences through playing games for kids online, which now allow kids from any part of our planet to visit other parts of it, and knowing more about other people is how we learn compassion and that everyone should be loved, no matter how different from us.

Make sure to stick around, since we will always be the first ones sharing these new games with you, and you would not want to miss them, believe us!