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What are Logic Games?

If you are a brainiac who always wants a new challenge and a new brain teaser to solve, then you definitely made the right decision to come over to our category of Logic Games, since these games are here to test your brain, your focus, your skills, and your problem-solving abilities, all of them usually in one game that looks great, has cool gameplay, and is entertaining from start to finish!

Logic is a component of many games all through our website, which is why this category has hundreds of games, but some of them are more popular than others, which is why we will now give you an introduction to the must-play formats from games on this page. Let’s see, then!

The many types of online logic games to play on our website for free:

If you want direct interaction and exciting adventures as you try to solve logical questions, then you need to play logic-adventure games online, some of which come in series of multiple games, with the most notable ones being Adam and Eve Games, Snail Bob Games, and, of course, Fireboy and Watergirl Games.

In this game, you usually have a purpose to accomplish, and a destination to reach. Adam is separated from Eve and needs to get to her, Bob the snail wants to go to a new place, and Fireboy and Watergirl need to work together to escape the temples they are trapped inside of.

You will help these characters reach their goals by interacting with the puzzles in front of them since you will push buttons, jump over pits, pull levers, move boxes around, deactivate traps, find keys, open doors, chests, and other activities like that which allow them to move forward.

Of course, other logical games here are basically board games and classic types of games played through the ages, such as chess, checkers, tic tac toe, mahjong, UNO, and others.

Other interactive puzzle games require you to pull pins to help your characters escape places they are trapped in, or we’ve got classic formats such as Cut the Rope Games, where cutting the ropes at the right spots allows characters to eat candy and advance to the next level, or something similar.

You have games where you will also be tested in the area of mouse skills, where you use the mouse to fill up spaces in the right order, or need to balance things around in the proper order to achieve your goal.

There really is no end to what kinds of ways logic games for kids can be made to be played, and while our website is aimed towards children most of the time, many of the games here are harder in difficulty, because they are logic games online for adults, and they are clearly invited to check them out!

We hope that we gave you a proper introduction, and now that you’ve read all this, you want to play the games on this page even more so, and you will start doing that right away!