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What are Looped Games?

Looped Games is another game category that you definitely have to try it on our site and if you are going to be really careful in the way you would play our games, then we are sure that you could never believe in us over and over again. Start showing us that you could understand the stuff that you are going to have to play with us because it would matter because that is what a true gamer could ever do. It is a great new game category and it would have an awesome story to listen to, that is why we are highly expecting you to be with us in here and manage to tell us all the things that are important. Try to understand everythign that we are going to see with us like nothing else because that is how you have to deal with it. We are going to tell you a lot more about the story right now, just pay attention because no one else would ever tell you anything different like that. Well we are going to tell you a lot more about Luc and Theo because they are the ones that matter the most in there. Show us that you can meet up with these two because they are important. They are at the age of 12 years old and being one eachoder's best friend we are sure that you could have a great time with these two. It seems that they somehow manage to get stuck in some time travel sequence and could never return in there like anything else or somehow because that is what we are really expecting from yourself. That is how the name of this serie, Looped got to be like that, because these two get stuck in a loop because that is how a thing goes on. We are going to tell you something that you could never forget and the fact that there are going to be a lot of games with our favourite characters that you definitely really like in there. Try to manage to determine all the secrets that are going to be behind that and if that is about to be the case, then go ahead and teach us everything that you consider to be nice over here. Do not let us appart because we are definitely going to consider everything that you need to make the best out of it. So, in this loop in which the two characters are going to be stuck in, are the ones in which every single day is going to be monday and they would know exactly what is about to happen in there. Be really sure and prepare us that you are going to know something like that because it is quite important. We are totally supporting yourself on this move and if it is going to be the case like that, then we are totally happy of learning new stuff from here. Try to get going on the stuff that you are about to make in here and if that would be the case, then we are never going to fail on something like that. So, being in there, day after day on the same monday, they are going to do whatever they want until they would find a solution for something like that. Get going something that is really important because that is the thing that would definitely make you believe in us on something like that. Theo is the one that likes a girl, or we could say that he has a crush on her. Her name is Gwyn and she is an important member of the serie that is why she appears in a lot of episodes. We are sure that you could have a lot of fun with them. It all happened one day when Theo had some scientific experiment that made all this happen. Luc got into his lab and crushed everything while ridding his skateboard. It would have never happened if the things could occur like we think they would. Prepare to teach us the situations in which you are going to be put, because it is really important if you manage to do something like that. Good luck and never forget to give us a like if something like that is about to occur with you. Show Luc and Theo that you are capable of helping them with their loop.