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What are Make It Pop Games?

Nickelodeon launched Make It Pop cartoons, which is why you thought to bring first Make It Pop online game where you have to prove that you are a true fan of the Make It Pop. For starters invite you to find out some information about these games Make It Pop that occurred on June 20, 2015 in which it is a united band of three girls who always managed to find the most suitable combination of musical band forming hand. Once you have found all these girls vocation began to make new friends among teenagers, to his pals and why not fall in love with one boy who saw him on TV. The three stars have called the band will sing and dance XO-IQ and went together in a concert in the city where they were born to see the first reaction of people on the talent that they have. We want to make you a brief overview of the four main characters of the game to make it pop. The first is that even Megan Lee as a free'll know is a girl who likes to dream, ambition is a spirit and not do a thing if it is not to his taste. Always he trusts his dreams and knows that it is able to do anything as long as they put in my head. Once you get acquainted with Jodi, Cork, and Caleb will catch and more courage. Louriza Tronco is primarily love of music and dance secondly, for which it has an essential role in the dance, showing us all how good is the songwriting and especially the style of dance it will take the band later. Cork Chang is the smartest member of the band, so that everyone else listens and tries to follow the advice. Cork also a smart guy thinks it has a financial plus to colleagues so that his father, who raised is one of the richest men in town. Well with these characters will have to spend the rest of free time and try to help as much as possible in all the activities that we have in these fun games.