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What are Masha And The Bear Games?

Masha And The Bear Games, a highly-popular cartoon series manage to become worldwide sensations and not come from the United States, where so many of them are being produced, just like we are happy to say is the case with Masha and the Bear, an animated series based around a Russian folklore story, one that seems to be very well received by kids that have never even set foot in Russia!

Masha and the Bear: Origins

The old tale features Masha as a young girl living with her grandma and grandpa, and one day she is allowed to go into the forest with her friends to gather mushrooms and berries. While doing this, she got separated and lost from her friends, which is how she ended up alone at a hut in the middle of nature, on the door of which she knocked and then entered.

The Bear who lived there returned in the evening and told the girl that she would now live with him and do the daily chores of the house and keep to it. She conceived a plan to get back to her family by hiding in a basket that the bear was meant to deliver to them. When he arrived at their house, the dogs scared him and sent him away, leaving the basket behind, out of which came out Masha, reunited with her family!

Of course, while the original story has the two title characters being antagonistic to one another, and an important lesson for kids to learn, which is to listen to your elders and pay attention to their surroundings, the show itself sees the two characters living together as friends and depending upon one another!

Meet your new friends from the forest: Masha, the Bear, and others!

For only being three of age, Masha is quite hyperactive and naughty, always getting herself in trouble, and at the beginning of the series, she is depicted as always bothering the animals in the forest, forcing them to play with her, which is why they did not really like her. She lives very close to her Bear friend, whom she might cause trouble for at times. You can sometimes find her in a basket, or eating some sweets!

The Bear’s house is found in a hole inside of a tree, and he seems to be very creative and artistic, having skills for juggling, riding a unicycle, or even doing magic. He is always ready to save the girl from trouble, while also teaching her valuable lessons, acting as a father figure!

Other characters you can meet are Masha’s pets, such as a pig, goat, or terrier dog, you can encounter various wild animals in the forest, there’s She-Bear, a girl bears who the title animal character is in love with, and while Masha’s cousin is a girl from Moscow called Dasha, the bear’s cousin is a Panda, all the way from China!

Let’s play with Masha and the Bear online for free!

Everything and anything is possible in this category, where kids will play to both have fun and learn: practice your math skills, play football, the pair’s favorite sport, dress up the girl and animal in cute outfits, play the dentist role to treat their teeth, help around the house with cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry, or do leisure activities such as fishing or going to the spa.

Despite the fact that this show has now been around since 2009, and games based around it appeared not too late after the premiere, new ones appear all the time, with our team always leading the charge in sharing them with you, so you are invited to have fun with these characters right now, and come back as often as possible so as not to miss out on any of the fun possibilities!