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What are Master Raindrop Games?

Master Raindrop Games is the newest category added on our site for you to have some children the best possible games, and you can have a more varied range so monotony never appears when you choose Master Raindrop is a category in which we add only games with this master appeared on TV screens during some very beloved cartoon children. Master Raindrops was first aired on the Seven Network in Australia in 2008. The children's animated series contains a total of 26 episodes, with each episode lasting just 24 minutes. The series begins with the story of a young man who although at first it normally begins to gain supernatural powers so that later made friends with the other two very important elements in that time, the element of water and wood element. Master Yun was his coach who helps to display their impressive qualities so you do not fear anyone. In some episodes made an appearance General Bu which is a type that is always the boss, but it is a serious and responsible guy for what he does. We invite you to watch this show because we are sure that you will not get bored and you will not regret it. The series is full of action and adventure that will have your exact liking. In this section we try to add as many games for you to be happy playing you the best gaming website