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What are Mighty Mike Games?

It’s always a good idea to check out what new categories of games are being created for our website; where we are always seeking to make our content even more developed and awesome, hence why we create new categories as often as possible, just like it happens today with Mighty Mike Games, a page dedicated for the games based on the Boomerang show with the same name.

Fans will be very happy to see this dedicated page and will jump straight into playing the games they find here. However, in case this is your first time hearing about Might Mike, don’t hesitate to read this article in full, get to know the characters and their world, and then see what amazing games this page has to offer!

Meet Mighty Mike and his friends from his show!

The show's premise is very simple, as it follows a dog named Mike who wants to impress a dog lady who lives next door to his house. Still, his advances are usually interrupted by two pesky raccoons who always want to cause our canine protagonist all sorts of problems. In addition to the two raccoons, he has other enemies, such as three turtles, and he does not only protect his owner but also a cat named Fluffy, the second pet of the family.

The Mikkelsen Family owns Mike and Fluffy. Fluffy usually needs to be protected because she can be quite ditzy. She often wanders around and gets herself into trouble, with her big dog brother coming to the rescue. Mike’s love interest is Iris, and she is skilled at throwing things around with her tail, which she does often against the raccoons and even against Mike if he angers her.

The two raccoons that Mike and the gang fight against often are called Freddy and Mercury, about the singer, and the names of the three turtles refer to The Three Musketeers because they are called Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. With such a simple and funny premise and lovable characters, we’re not surprised that this is a hit show and kids want to play Might Mike Games online on our website, which we invite you to discover right now!

Play the best games with Might Mike on the internet right here!

At the moment we’ve written this, the show was just in its heyday, so you can’t expect a big number of games from the start, but the ones we have are awesome, and we are sure that as the show keeps releasing new seasons, there will also be more games for you to play.

So far, you can try out a mixture of jumping games, puzzle games, and different games. This category helps the kids playing the games improve their skills, brains, and various abilities, so trying them out is a must, even if you’ve not seen an episode of the show!