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What are Monster Beach Games?

Here on Play-Games we are proud to say we are always up to date with all the latest shows airing on your favorite children’s television networks, and this is because we want to be the first ones offering you games to play based on those shows or movies as soon as they appear on the internet, which is something that has happened right now as well with the creation of the Monster Beach Games series.

What is Monster Beach on Cartoon Network about?

Considering that this series is airing on CN, one of the best if not the best channels for cartoons in the entire world, you can assume from the get-go that the series will look great, it will have interesting characters, and lots of fun episodes which are both entertaining and educational at the same time, and the Monster Beach series of the movie that came before it are applying those attributes as well.

Jan and Dean are two siblings who love surfing most than anything, and instead of going to the regular beaches and coves that other surfers enjoy, they instead travel to Monster Beach, which is inhabited by all sorts of scary and funny-looking monsters, who also love surfing and become their friends and companions in their many adventures!

Iki-Iki is the name of the island they are spending their surfing summer vacation on, and they have come there at the invitation of their uncle, who lives there in his day-to-day life.

Meet your favorite characters from Monster Beach online:

Dean wants nothing more than to surf as much as possible, so that he may one day end up as his favorite surfer hero, which is why he is thrilled to arrive on the island. Despite his dreams, at the start of the series, he is only good at doing wipe-outs, but we’re positive he will progress. His sister, Jan, loves surfing just as much, even though she is not too happy to be living among monsters, although she quickly starts fitting in and enjoys her time there more!

As for the monsters they have adventures with in the world of surfing, we have to mention Brain Freeze, a tall pink humanoid-looking monster with long blonde hair who came to the island way back in '67 and never looked back since. Widget is a girl that is made out of multiple body parts that are stitched together and remained trapped on the island in the ’60s. The Mutt looks like a scary bat, but he is one of the best and bravest surfers in the show!

What kinds of Monster Beach Games online can you play here?

Well, it comes naturally that in this series you will find plenty of surfing games online where you get to test out your surfer's skills, at least virtually, where we are sure that you will become better at riding the waves after each try you make, and that you will enjoy all of the games this series has to offer!