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What are Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Games?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Games is the newest category of Marvel Games online we are now happy to share with everyone, as this is an animated series for kids created for Disney Channel as well as the Plus streaming service, and in the day of the show's premiere, we are happy to say that we already created this page and brought you interesting new content for you in it, proving why our website should always be your top pick in looking up what are the newest cartoon games online!

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As with most other television shows from Marvel, this one is also an adaptation, one of the popular comic book series with the same name, and even if you had not heard of it before, you need not worry, since we will now give you the details on what this world is about!

Lunella Lafayette is only thirteen years old, but she is already a super-genius, and deserving of one such brilliant mind, she has a dinosaur for a pet, the Devil Dinosaur, whom she accidentally brings into the world in New York, where she does all her missions.

The two then team up to save the city from various villains and criminals, as there are quite a lot of them out there, and not enough heroes, especially on the Lower East Side, where they reside. Casey is her best friend, her manager, who is the only one that knows her secret but does her best to raise her image as a superhero, cause that's what friends are for.

She has to keep her double life a secret, as her parents should not find out what she does during the night, while also dealing with the regular happenings of a teenager's life. One of the main villains she has to go up against is called The Beyonder, a trickster who has cosmic powers and a bit too much curiosity.

Moon Girl Moxie is the name of the first game we bring you into this series, and certainly not the last, a game where you have to help her skate to the rescue while Kasey is live-streaming everything, and defeat either of the three baddies, according to your choice:

  • Cold Cut Baddie
  • Truck Thief
  • Devos

This is just the beginning of what will be one of the best new series from the Disney Channel here, and you can bet that if you want to play the new games with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur first, you have to come over here! Enjoy!