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What are Mysticons Games?

Mysticons Games is an exciting category on our site inspired by a new Nickelodeon animated television series of action and unique characters. We will tell you a few things about this new show and summarize the games in the Mysticons Games category. In the series, you can find about a mystical land called Gemina where four teenage girls are chosen to become the Mysticons, a group of heroes with the magical powers of Dragon Disk.

The girls must learn to control their powers to stop a villain, Dreadbane. He is very evil, and he wants to destroy Gemina, so the girls are the only hope of the innocent people. They must find the four spell books and symbols to discover all their powers and defeat evil. In the series, you can see the fantastic quest of the girls, who must learn to work like a team to improve their skills and powers. They will meet many enemies and have to defeat them all to accomplish their goals. Arkayna Goodfey is the leader of the girls. He is fearless and good at making plans. Her color is dark green, and he is mighty. Emerald Goldenbraid is a dwarf whose color is purple and sometimes pink.

Zarya Moonwolf is an orphan with a good heart. He always helps other kids from the streets; her color is dark blue. Piper Willowbrook has yellow as her signature color, and he is an elf. Piper Willowbrook is the Striker Mysticon. Zarya is the Ranger Mysticon. Emerald is the Knight Mysticon, and Arkayna is the Dragon Mage Mysticon. You will love these girls and can not wait for their new adventures. Here on our site, you can see the first Mysticons Games, and I am sure you will have a great time playing them.