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What are Nature Cat Games?

Nature Cat Games is a category created to celebrate the release of the fifth season of this PBS Kids show that premiered almost a decade ago, and considering that it still has to offer you new episodes eight years later, it means that its audience is a dedicated one, and with such a fanbase, it would be a shame not to hold the games based around this show, where you can interact with this character directly, instead of just watching it on television, and this will help you learn more about nature and how to take care of it faster and easier!

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The suburban world of Chicago is where the setting of this show is, where Fred is a yellow cat who dreams of going outside the bounds of his house, and exploring the natural world all around it! This happens daily between 6 AM and 9 PM when his owners leave their home for work and their other daily activities or chores.

When that happens, he assumes the alter-ego of Nature Cat, after which the show is named, and takes all sorts of trips in the backyard, where you meet and learn about new fauna and flora. The only problems with his plans are that he has no survival skills and instincts, so he relies on his friends, and his viewers for help.

He is usually joined in his adventures by Hal the Dog, Squeeks the Mouse, and Daisy the Bunny, who complete the main cast of characters, with whom you are also going to play our games with Nature Cat online, where you can do a whole lot of things, about which we will tell you more right now!

You get to go racing, go on adventures through the land, put seeds inside it to raise plants, build your own park, dig into the ground, go on road trips, help bees out to pollinate and get nectar, go inside deep caves, or even get artistic and paint nature in all of its glory!

These are just a few examples of the fun activities you now get to enjoy here, and we recommend any and every one of them, after which we hope you visit more of our categories since you can never go wrong with our content, on which we work very hard day after day, as this category proves once again!