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What are Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn Games?

Nickelodeon cartoons on Ricky Dicky and Nicky Dawn were first introduced on March 13, 2014 a first series of 13 episodes, but due to the success they have had public producers decided to release 20 more episodes urgently. Well, because we know that we are all fans of these four characters Dicky and Nicky Ricky Dawn would like to offer the first games with Ricky Dicky and Nicky online Dawn and why not to share our experience with these outstanding games. Dawn Harper is the oldest of four siblings twins, for which she feels responsible also the most about everything that is happening around her and why she does not want to become a team leader, to be consulted when that the 4 will do certain activities. Always he feels frustrated by her twin brother, Ricky, but that does not make Ricky jealous or bad, always argue and reconcile. Ricky Harper is the second of twins Harper group, but this time talking about the smartest, the best on homework, the boy with the best grades in school because Ricky is the most intelligent of all four brothers. Despite the fact that he is known as the most obedient and intelligent, we must mention that it always wants their surprise the 3 twins in violation of rules given by parents. Dicky Harper is a boy who is always attentive to the way it looks, it would always be the most beautiful, trim, styling, best dressed only clothing company, so that we can categorize as lazy and what group Dicky is referred to is that it always chooses to do nothing, and if it is forced to work something or help someone, try to make fudge. Nicky Harper is the youngest of twin brothers Harper, it turns out one of the most hilarious and entertaining of the brothers managed to keep us all smiling and why not always on trips and at parties he is the spirit of the party. Children are supervising Anne Harper Tom Harper and their parents who are caregivers, provide them food, force them to go to school, do their homework, but when you talk about fun not give up.