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What are Odd Squad Games?

Here on our website we constantly bring you new categories of games as often as possible, and we do it for all the best shows currently airing all over the world, such as it is the case with Odd Squad, a live-action educational series being produced in Canada but which also airs in the United States, where it runs on PBS Kids, or in Australia, where you see it on TVOKids. Maybe you’re not from either of these countries, but watch it on Netflix.

It does not matter how you first met the ODD SQUAD, what is important is that you are now here, ready to play Odd Squad Games and go on countless educational adventures with your favorite characters. In case this is your first time hearing about Odd Squad, read this article to the end to get to know the world better and then have fun in it!

Odd Squad: the secrete agents of knowledge!

As it is the case with many shows aimed towards children, the educational aspect of them is very important, and in the case of this show, you will see a lot of interest put into maths and exact sciences, as kids who watch the show can learn about addition, multiplication, geometry, graphs, reading data, and more!

The show’s format parodies and has been inspired by media with spies, secret agents, or police procedurals, as the real kids who act in these roles have characters that also act as agents, only instead of using weapons, they use math skills and their brains to solve various problems all-around their town.

Agents get their missions from their boss, then they travel through special tubes to the scene of the crime, and there they try to solve the problem. They apply their skills and knowledge as well as possible, but they usually have to come back to the base, where they learn more information, and with it, they ultimately solve every case!

The show’s third season gets a makeover and a new title because it is known as Odd Squad Mobile Unit. This is because it focuses on only four agents who take a van and travel the world, so you learn more about our planet while also getting better at math notions. It’s awesome!

Get educated and entertained with our Odd Squad Games online for kids!

Considering that the show started airing in 2014 and it is still going strong, you can see why there are quite a few games with Odd Squad available for you to play here.

You can learn how to connect tubes and create paths for the agents to travel on, deal with tornadoes made out of pies, but also aliens, take care of magical creatures, but also regular pets, become a doctor for the agents, and make sure they are in good health and many more!

There is always a new mission for our talented agents in Odd Squad and yourselves to take on, so start doing that right now and here, and discover this new world of fun games!