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What are Over the Garden Wall Games?

Over the Garden Wall is an American animated series created by Patrick McHale channel for children's animated TV series, Cartoon Network. The series tells the story of two brothers who go a spooky forest to find the way home. Over the Garden Wall series is based on the short film, Tome of the Unknown, conducted by Patrick McHale all for Cartoon Network. Since this series was a great success, team friv-games invite you to play along with your favorite characters from the series Over the Garden Wall. The main characters of the series, and Greg Wirt, waiting on a journey full of thrilling adventure in Over the Garden Wall play-games.com games only. In the show, the brothers get lost in the mysterious forest called The Unknown and are helped by the wise old woodsman and Beatrice, a blue bird and annoying for the two to overcome obstacles and reach safely at home. Wirt, big brother is absorbed by what is happening and can not decide which two to find its way home, while younger brother Greg, is very caring and takes care of everyone around him, especially his brother. Greg is the one who finds all sorts of plans when facing difficulties. Wirt is a little melancholic because it has passions, those playing the clarinet and writing poems, passions but they hide their fear of not beating the game around him. Greg in contrast, is more courageous and chose to care for a frog that can be understood only by singing. Another character of this series is the Beast, a creature that lives in the forest and Unknown leading to lost souls wandering, then immediately turn in Edelwood trees. All these interesting characters you can find now in Over the Garden Wall games, having the opportunity to venture with them in the wonderful adventures that we have prepared for you. If you watch this series, you should know that he was highly publicized in America, where leading newspapers and magazines have written articles about Over the Garden Wall full and Patrick McHale enjoyed a huge success. The series can be characterized as a children's story, such as Hansel and Gretel fairy tale or other off in a fantasy world, but Over the Garden Wall, adds tale, that keeps you in suspense and that the brothers have to walk a road full of obstacles in a strange forest, makes it a little out of fairyland and fall into series production adult, which allows everyone to pursue pleasure, both children and adults. Friv-games.com team takes care to choose the most exciting games for you, so Over the Garden Wall games are now available on our website. We hope you enjoy what I have prepared and live unforgettable experiences, with Wirt and Greg, in their thrilling adventures, but also with the rest of the characters, which outlines the story and makes it look very fascinating and interesting . We wish you much success in the new adventure and hope you will enjoy to be part of this exciting production as Over the Garden Wall, which is now reflected in Over the Garden Wall games, games that bring you closer to a world mysterious detached from fantastic stories.