Paddles The Huggable Polar Bear Games

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What are Paddles The Huggable Polar Bear Games?

As it is already a tradition, when new animated shows appear on television and online games based upon them appear, our website will always be the first one to share them with you, which is what we are happy to say is the case right now and here as well, with our team now inviting you all to check out the Paddles The Huggable Polar Bear Games category, based on the show with the same name that has recently started airing on Cartoonito!

If you love cute animals and adventure, Paddle and his friends are here!

You would expect a polar bear to live in the arctic, where all the other bears like that live, but because a stork got the baby delivery route wrong, Paddles, a cute polar bear baby, ended up in rural Ireland, on the River Shannon, where the baby was soon adopted and raised by a pack of wolfhounds.

Of course, as you probably already realized, this is a series that is set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, as you see Paddles being a cub in school with other youngling animals, where his main friends are Bracken, Bridie, and Fagan, and through their adventures, kids can learn that being different is something to be celebrated and accepted!

Just like kids in real life, each of the animal children will have their own features, both physical, and their personalities will be unique, and we are sure that each viewer of the show will be able to find themselves in someone here.

Even more important is that no matter what kinds of problems appear in the daily lives of these four animal friends, they will always do their best to solve them, and there are plenty of adult animals in the show to give them lessons.

These are also lessons that you can learn by watching the show, although we believe that you will be able to learn about them even better and quicker by playing our Paddles Games online, since you directly interact with characters, so you can pick up on things quicker.

At the start of this category, what you will develop will be your memorization skills and your brainpower, something that you do by playing a matching pairs game where you will have to memorize and match the cards featuring the various characters of the show.

This also helps you learn the characters better, and get more acquainted with them, although you should know very well that this is just the beginning, and more games with Paddles are going to come in the future. Maybe you will color, maybe you will solve puzzles, who knows?

We hope that we see you back to our website as often as possible, so you never miss out on the great content we bring you, and sharing this page with your friends will surely draw more attention to all the fun that you and them as well could be having here!