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What are Planet Sheen Games?

Before playing all these Planet Sheen Games, please read the description of our new personage in our game. Well, this planet Sheen is about the monkey called Sheen Estevez, the main character you have found here. Well, we are sure you have heard about Jimmy Neutron. Well, he is the one who let into his lab a super powerful ship that could travel through time and space. Well, Sheen found it, and even though it was written on it that you should not go there, we are sure you know what happened there. It seems that he made it farther away than you ever thought, and we are talking about a planet called Zeenu, with its villagers, the Zeenuvians. Well, as he got there, you have probably noticed that he wants to get back home, but he cannot do that, and if you are going to listen to everything that is going to occur, then we are sure that you could do as it is seen there. 

As Sheen's ship had wrecked, he needed to go over there and try to find everything he could to become the best at it. We would like to see everything you will be doing over there in no time. Try to visit us in all the situations we would offer you,f; that is why nothing else could ever matter around here. He landed at a place where there was this villager called Dork, which is something that you will understand around here.