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What are Playmobil Novelmore Games?

Playmobil Novelmore Games is a category you will have found first only on our website, as we made sure that as soon as online games based around this theme were available, we would make this page to share it with you, proving once again why coming over to our website day after day is always a brilliant idea.

Playmobil is a toy brand coming from Germany, very similar to another European brick toy brand, and Novelmore is a new toy theme from their wide range that has recently gotten its own animated series, airing primarily on YouTube but on television channels in some countries too.

Whether you have come here because you are already a fan or not, playing here will be fun nonetheless, and to help with that we will now give you more info on the world, what you will do in it, and we're sure that you will fall in love instantly!

Become the knights and sorcerers that will save the world from evil in Novelmore Games!

An ancient prophecy foretold of the land's destruction at the hand of some nefarious villains, and that is why you have to take on the role of hero to stop it from happening, doing it together with various characters from the series:

Among the enemies you will encounter in the world you can count on the Burnham Raiders to cause you trouble with their pyromaniac ways, but know that on your side you have Timithor, a wizard coming from the Forgotten Isles, who will use his good magic to combat the bad one!

So far, in this category, we want to share with you a straight-up fighting game where you help these heroes beat all the monsters and enemies they encounter, but also a tower defense game, where you will strategize on how to use the various weapons at your disposal to stop the raid that is threatening your kingdom's destruction.

This is just the start, so stick around to always be the first one playing new games with Novelmore online unblocked!