Rekkit Rabbit Games

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What are Rekkit Rabbit Games?

Rekkit Rabbit Games is another game category of ours, that we are definitely sure that you are going to play a lot of times and never have any problems about it, because it is quite important and no one else could do anything about it. Prepare a lot and try to figure all the things that you would find in the situations that you want. We are sure that you want to hear a lot more about our Rekkit Rabbit game category and that is why you have to be really careful and hear what we would tell you no matter what. So, first of all we are going to tell you something about Jay Shmufton, who seems to be the protagonist of our game category that you are about to see in here. He was living a usual life until one day an interesting rabbit came from another world to him so that he would be the new owner of him. It seems that on Rekkit's planet, rabbits were not allowed to perform any magical stuff, and that is why he was a slave in there. What Yoshini did not know, is that Rekkit was doing all sorts of magic when he did not see, so that is how he sent him to his new owners on planet Earth. He stole some spells from Yoshini and that is how he was able to do all the things that you would hear in there. So that is how he got there, belonging to Jay Smufton the 12 years old kid. Rekkit at the house is going to do a lot of things and get noticed by the others. It seems that the father, who was a great scientist wanted to get his hand on Rekkit in order to find all his secrets and how can he deal with him. He sometimes would decieve people, for exameple Mr Bixbee would think of him as a big dog. There are going to be other characters such as the Principal Grumbol who would never understand what Rekkit would do around there, because he would get confused around him, because of his interesting spells. We are going to talk something more about Rekkit from now on. Well, his personality is totally crazy and you would definitely have a great fun around him. The Earth, is something really new for him, and that is why he has a great wish of exploring as much as he can. There would be different confusing stuff around there for him, such as the technology or mobile phones, with which we are definitely sure that you could have a great time along. From time to time, you would see that despite his crazy acts around the house, he would be really helpful. There was this time , when the cat turned evil and Rekkit warned them, but no one else believed what he was saying. One day, when it attacked the fality, Rekkit returned and saved them despite them not believing him on that one. While it was trying to take down the house, he did some sort of magic and sent that evil cat from where it came from. If you want to get along more with Rekkit, well he is just a gigantic rabbit, with a big orange tail, wondering around and around confused, and most of the time bored with the things that he is going to do. Well, we advise you to play all of our games and we really hope that you are going to have a great time around here without any problems. Show us that you are never going to do something else and figure out how can you deal with everything from such place. We are going to definitely be happy to be alongside you on all the situations in which you could put us. This category is destined to every sort of child and we are sure they would have a blast while playing it. Using all the instructions that you are going to be given have a great time and do not disappoint us because it is quite important.