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What are Rocket Monkeys Games?

Rocket Monkeys is a lovely serial that children around the world love. It appeared at Nickelodeon, where several monkeys decided to take a team to save the universe from evil forces. They are not the most intelligent in the universe, Finta, but they have more courage and ambition, and this helps them carry out the mission and eventually manage to save the universe. Rocket Monkeys Gus is the leader, so he has a high IQ and always manages to lead the team to victory. Wally is Gus' best friend, who helped to form the team and is always with him on missions. Rocket Monkeys were part of many dangerous adventures and must use their talent to face enemies who try to destroy the universe.

YAY-OK is another team member who is always playful. The team manages to bring trouble wherever it can. Our heroes always manage to work together and pass any obstacles. Give us a like if you enjoyed our games, ranging from Monkey Rocket, and leave us a comment with your opinion about this cartoon.