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What are Rosie's Rules Games?

Rosie's Rules Games comes into the world of online games first on our website, showing once again why you should always stick around our website to keep on trying games like this, as you can never know what new surprises drop for you, just as we do right now, with games based around a series that, at the moment of this writing, hadn't even properly premiered, so you can see just how fast we are!

Let's learn Rosie's Rules and play her Games!

The girl at the center of this show is 5 years old and she is called Rosie Fuentes, who lives in suburban Texas with her blended Mexican-American family, who embrace both sides of their identities, and learn from each other's culture day by day, just like you will do by watching the show or playing these games with Rosie's Rules.

Her father comes from Mexico City, while her mother is from Wisconsin, and she has a little brother called Iggy, an older sister called Crystal, from her mom's previous marriage, and the pet cat of the house called Gatita.

Rosie has her own set of rules and principles, but she is also quite curious, and she will sometimes break those rules in the sake of adventure. She might want to figure everything out by herself, but she often learns that she sometimes needs help from her family and friends.

One of her best friends is none other than you, the player of Rosie's Rules Games for free on our website, who we invite you to start off with the first two entries in this PBS category:

  • Slime Store, featuring the girl's fascination with making slime and playing with it, just like many other children her age, and...
  • Riding With Rosie, where you drive cars through roads and learn more about her surroundings and the country in general.

Of course, this is just the beginning, and we hope that you come back here often, find the new games we bring you, and maybe discover even more of our amazing categories, we have plenty to offer you!