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What are Santiago of the Seas Games?

When you think of pirates, you think of the stinky, bearded, and evil men who sail the seas to pillage, attack ships and steal treasures and gold, but pirates from kid’s shows and movies are a different breed since they are usually young kids who travel the seas in search of adventure, wonder, learning more about the world while exploring it, and teaching those who watch their quests all sorts of valuable lessons.

There is one such new show now airing on Nick Jr all over the world, and, as it is customary for all new television programs for children, we already have interactive experiences with these characters to offer you, so you are all invited to check out our amazing category of Santiago of the Seas Games!

Go on a sea adventure with Santiago and his pirate friends!

Santiago, the titular character of the show is only eight years old, but he is already an established pirate who ventures the waters with no fear, and only bravery! He and his pirate crew travel through the Caribbean high seas, keeping them safe while they explore its waters and islands, find various treasures, and do rescue missions where they help people living in this world.

He is far from being alone in his adventures, as his mates are Tomas, who is also his cousin, a clumsy fellow who comes quite in handy with his magical guitar that can harness the wind, as well as Lorelai, who is a mermaid that can turn into a human girl as well, and her underwater background allows her to speak with the sea creatures when the crew needs it.

The ship they sail also has a name, as it is called El Bravo, and with it, they protect their home island of Isla Encanto. From whom? Well, not all pirates are as nice as Santi’s and his friends, with one example of villainy being Bonnies Bones, and her parrot sidekick, Sir Butterscotch.

There is always something going on in the world of pirates, and, now, not only can you watch the adventures of these characters on-screen, but you can join them directly by playing our best games with Santiago of the Seas, about which we will tell you much more right now so that you can start having fun with them right away!

For starters, learn how to put words together by linking up blocks of letters with one another, which is a game that clearly shows off the educational elements that this category will have, and it’s just the beginning, considering that a second season of the show has already been announced, so we expect that not only will episodes keep going on for many years to come, but you will be able to keep playing with these characters in all sorts of awesome and fresh new ways!

Don’t forget that our website is updated regularly, which means daily, so come back as often as you can, and have the best virtual time possible, as you always do, for that matter!