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What are Sarah and Duck Games?

We always want for you to have a great time here on, and today dear friends you can see that we are bringing for you a very special games category called Sarah and Duck. This is going to be a very specail games category for kindergarden children, and you dear friends have to make sure that you will manage to make new friends with Sarah and Duck. Sarah is going to be the main character in this new girl and boy games category, and her best friend is going to be always by her side. It's going to be a little strange, but you can see even from the title of this new games category's title that a duck is going to be present. It's not going to be an ordinary duck, because the Duck from this new story is going to be Sarah's best friend and it is with Sarah wherever she goes. You dear friends have to make sure that you can finish all of theri challenges here on our website, where you can see that in the Sarah and Duck games category, you will be able to find from today on different puzzles, memory challenges, coloring games, fun ability games and kindergarden learning challenges that will help your exercise your mind. You dear friends might now of the Sarah and Duck cartoon, because it's very popular in Britain where it first aired on national TV to help the little boys and girls from England to learn special trick and help them grow and be very smart as children. Even though it's filled with fun facts and a lot of learning stories, Sarah and Duck are having a lot of fun and they are trying to teach all the kids that are watching their show a lot of interesting things, and from today on, you will be able to learn these things playing our Sarah and Duck games. We are sure that you will love our latest Sarah and Duck games category, because Sarah is going to be a cute little seven year old girl that is in the summer vacation from going to middle school to primary school, and you can see that she struggles to grow up, but that's going to be ok now, that Sarah has you and the Duck by her side. Search for the Sarah and Duck games category on Google or simply here on, and you will see many teaching games and kindergarden learning games and challenges with these two characters. Have fun!