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What are Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Games?

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated series produced by Peter Browngardt for Cartoon Network. The story of the series revolves around a group of five monsters, which come from mountain top to manifest in public, their behavior is very funny. The premiere show was held on August 1, 2011, and later appeared formal premiere on 26 September 2011. For the characters of the series were so loved by children, offers you the chance to play with them in the new Secret Mountain Fort Awesome games. The characters are five monsters sent from beyond the grave and refugees in the heart of a mountain, where they make public all crazy adventures. The group leader is a purple creature named Festro, is an animal who loves parties and who would do anything to help his group needed, even when nobody needs his help. Another character is Dingle, a blue monster who is a devoted pet for those in his group. We got on Slog, black and hairy monster who is loyal and who is always on the side of justice. Gweelok is a monster that looks like a green ball and he has a passion for technology. The fifth character in this series is The Fart and is all muscle and has made a very good impression about himself. All these characters together make the series to be an interesting and fun because of the issues they have and because of the crazy stuff they do together. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome games are now available on, because we want to bring all the best to the attention of our players. All these monsters colorful, crazy and smart can now be your friends and you can be part of their follies Secret Mountain Fort Awesome games. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome series was a great success, producer Peter Browngardt, making this series after another production called, Uncle Grandpa, nominated for an Emmy. At first, Browngardt not know whether to do several series of this show, but success came with the arrival and courage to perform several series of the show. Amuzantii monsters have managed to make children to cherish them and urmeasca each episode with enthusiasm. Therefore, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome games are now available for everyone, because everyone who watched the show could still be close to their favorite characters. The premiere show was seen by over one million people, and the episodes that had from most viewers were Nightmare Sauce episode was nominated in several competitions such as Annecy International Animated Film Festival or the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. enjoy that can offer these games with these interesting characters that are part of a series with so much success. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome games are available for everyone and we hope you will make a great pleasure as these games like you enjoyed watching the show. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Games is the first category of games that and it aims to offer you an all those interested in the Cartoon Network so you manage to know and better all the main characters in the new game for children . With great care will have to put your mind to and try to prove we're better able to pass all the missions you have, you'll be able to attract bonus points indeajuse Secret Mountain Fort Awesome category. We will try to offer you memory games, Dress up, Adventure, beating and shooting with Secret Mountain for those who want to put their mind to and also to demonstrate your ability in these games for children.