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What are Secrets of Sulphur Springs Games?

Play Secrets of Sulphur Springs Games for kids online free of charge on our website right now to become a better detective, and join these Disney Channel characters through their own adventures with mysteries to solve at each step, which is the amazing chance we offer you all right now through this category dedicated for games based around this show that premiered on the network in 2021 and has just arrived in 2022 with a brand new season, which signals to us that this page is going to probably become a long-standing one!

Let's learn more about Disney Channel's latest mystery-drama live-action hit series!

The show follows the main point of view of Griffin Campbell, a 12-year-old boy whose father gets a new job, which makes the two of them move to the old, closed-down, and decrepit Tremont Hotel from the town in the show's name, which is located in Louisiana. Some people think that it is haunted by Savannah Dillon, who was a local camper who disappeared 30 years ago. The boy and his new friend, Harper, find a portal that allows them to travel back in time, which makes them determined to find out what really happened to the girl, and save her from disappearing.

The mystery introduced in Season 2 revolves around Harper's great-grandmother Daisy, because the gang discovered a photo of her at the hotel, to which she might now be connected. This makes them have to travel back to 1930 to uncover this new mystery, while also dealing with the fact that all sorts of new supernatural things start happening all over the town, coincidentally with the preparations of opening back the hotel. What might happen next? We are just as curious, believe us!

With our Secrets of Sulphur Springs Games, you can join your favorite characters in all the time-travel fun!

So far, this category has two games based around the first two seasons, which work sort of like puzzle-adventure games with point-and-click elements, allowing you to join them as a fourth member of the gang, and sure enough, with your help, they will find all the answers they want even faster. The two entries are:

A whole new world that is always filled with mysteries awaits you one click away, so step into it just like you would step into a hotel, and see how much fun you will be offered!