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What are Sly Cooper Games?

Sly Cooper Games ia another game category that you need to try it on our site and manage to cope with all the situations in which you would be put from once in a while. It is for certain a thing that you must do and you need to finish it in order to gain all the great stuff around and around here because it is all that matters. Prepare from the beginning and figure out all the details that you would be willing to determine over and over again. We are going to tell you more and more about our sly cooper games in here so that is why we wish that you grind your ears so that you couls hear everything that we are about to tell you. So in this world, where sly cooper lives is going to be a great deal to understand it because it is just as the normal world, but populated with film noir and comic book creatures. We are sure that you would understand that after you get it. So, our main character of the category is going to be sly Cooper. He is just a raccoon, but not a simple one. He is the descendant of a master race of thieves that has to do everything in order to steal and become the greatest of all times. So, if you want to hear how our story would continue get ready. He is definitely not just learning this thieve techniques just by of a sudden but he has something that no one else has. It seems that there is a book entitled Thievius Raccoonus, which is one of the biggest treasures of Sly Cooper, because it had been passed from generation to generation in order to learn all the tricks that are to be done in order to perform all the stealing stuff over the people around the world. It is a real treasure, as all his family says. So, we are sure that you could consider that over the centuries, the raccoons have gained great wealth and with that they actually control the world of thieves, and normal people as well. But, this time we are going to have a different raccoon, because sly cooper is friendly as well, and would never go somewhere without his best friends. So, along with the other two friends, they are called the Cooper Gang, and perform different heists in order to steal from other thieves around the world. So, you got that they do not steal from ordinary or poop people. We are going to talk a little more about the characters as well. So, we have our main one, Sly Cooper. He is the type of thief that is actually a gentleman and would try everything in order not to fail his family, but his soul does not let him steal from poor people. He remained an orphan just after he saw how his father was murdered by some evil group, in order for them to steal the treasure that they need at most. After time he began the best in his clan. Evertime a difficult mission had appeared, he was the one to be sent over there. We are sure that you are going to enjoy being with him over there. We are going next to Bentley. He is a turtle who would become the brains of the clan. All what he does is with computers and programming because that is what he is supposed to be doing over and over again. Our next character is going to be Murray, who is the third member of the gang as well. He is the big guy who does not allow anyone to be hurt. Being the muscle part of the group he is also going to be the wheel man driving everything that he has to. Our last important character is going to be Inspector Carmelita Fox, who, as a member of Interpol would try anything in order to catch the thieves. Sly Cooper falls in love for her, even though she is his rival. Good luck and we really hope that you are going to have a great time playing in here.