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What are Soy Frankie Games?

Soy Frankie Games is one of the game categories that you are definitely going to have to play them on our site and make sure that everything that you would be waiting for is totally going to be the best thing that you have ever expected. Prepare a lot and manage to show us that you would be capable of achieving all the bonuses that you would like around there for sure. Prepare from the beginning and ensure us of all the stuff that you could be with from once you have started to play a game like this. It is certain that you are going to have a lot of obstacles in your way and not everyone could get out of there, but you must be the one that does something so cool and awesome like this because you are definitely going to be running around and around without any problems. We are going to talk a little bit about the story that stands behind this new series that you would be really attracted to after you could start it. So if you are wondering or did not notice who the main character of this series is going to be, well it is certain that she would be frankie and nothing could ever touch her after something like this, because she is totally different from the other people. It seems that she is actually a robot, but she looks exactly like a real person. She even acts like one. That is what would make people really confused about her, because they are not going to know the truth about her things and what she enjoys to be doing over and over again. You have to know that this girl is going to be put through a lot of adventures and only you could be with her over there and make sure that the things that you really like, are totally going to be with them all along. She was actually designed by a ingenious scientist called Sofia, and if that would be the case, then we are totally sure that you are never going to be close to something like that. So, after she was created and designed perfectly by Sofia, all what Frankie is going to try to be doing is to make sure that she acts like a real person, because that is her dream actually. Prepare a lot and figure out the things that you are for sure going to be playing with. After she goes to school she usually acts like she is the daughter of Sofia, and tries to do the things exactly like the other ones. Figure out the things that you really like and make sure that you understand Frankie's story. Also, you definitely have to meet Clara. She is apparently Frankie's sister, and when we say sister we are talking about a human one. She is Sofia's real daughther and they must get alongs because Frankie has to learn a lot of things from her. At school, Frankie manages to get a lot of friends and every single one of them is going to settle down something that you are never going to let them appart. Prepare because along with these friends that she is going to meet at school, there are going to be different enemies that would do anything in order to make them fail in all the things that you are going to be able to find around and around. Gather everything that you need around here and make sure that you are totally going to figure out something that is important for Frankie. Go with her in all the adventures that you are going to find, because she needs to know everything that you wish to tell her about the human life and that is how the things over there would be able to be achieved. Show us that you are never going to let us appart in there, and if the things are totally for you , then no one else is going to be able to tell you anything different. Good luck and we really hope that you could achieve the stuff that you wish for around here.