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What are Space Racers Games?

Hello! Bonjour! Salut! Our team,, is cheerful to meet you here again on our website where we add amazing, beautiful and the most important thing, educational games, website created for you, for all of you in the whole world because we are happy and greatful to see you playing our games and loving our games. Today our team will be excited and happy to add for you games where you can learn great and amazing new things. Today we will present you a little our website and then we will talk about the surprise that we are very excited to present to you. And now, if you are ready we can begun with the website where we add every single day games. Our website is called and we created this website to add many games for you. As you already know by the name of the website, we deal with this amazing thing, to add new games and new categories for you. Since long time ago, we created this website to add some games and when we saw that increasingly more children began to play, this site has become like a drug for us, drug joy that we can make you happy when games or add new categories. Per day we add many games because we see that you play them and we want the best and the most amazing games for you. After you entered on our website, you will be able to see a little monster in the top of the screen, that little and funny monster is our little mascot and you will love him as we already do. His name is Kizi and he is presenting you the categories because the categories that we add everyday are under him, in the left side of the screen. In the left side of the screen you will see some categories which are growing because you give us the ambition to work every day. After you entered on our website, you will see eight main categories: Girls, Cars, Coloring, Football, Cartoon Network, Shooting, Animals and 2 Players Games. This eight main categories are the most loved by you. Our website has an incredible sound at games and you will love playing them because you will be able to feel like you are in the game. And this are the things that we thought you should know about our website. And now we will present you the newest category on our website which you will be able to play the games after we add it. SURPRISE!!! The category that we added today is called Space Racers Games, a category full of incredible adventures and full of actions, a category created in special for boys. If you are interested in exploration and the universe around you, this amazing team, the Space Racers are here for you, to entertain you. This category and the games are based on the Space Racers animated cartoons for children which is very interesting and fun and this is why you should start checking out this new Space Racers Games, and you will be able to play the games only here, in premiere, on our website called This games are fixed on fiction and science experience. For those who has already played this games, Space Racers Games will teach you about the universe in interesting ways and you can be sure that the information are true and correct, as NASA has input into the creation of the show. They are called Eagle, Hawk, Robyn, Starling and Raven and they are five curious and amazing vehicles who in each episode will travel in the space and will teach you things about the universe, the stars, the planets and all the stuffs which are in the space. The main things that you can learn playing this games and watching the cartoons are: working together as a team and one of the most important thing, to solve more quickly the problems and the children can see how wonderful and important to explore the space is. This five space explorers are best friends too. And now let us present you the main characters in this category, Eagle is the leader of the group, he is always confident and he is a races who is very fast. Hawk has great memory Robyn is a girl ship and she is the smartest ship in this group. Raven is the rival of Eagle and he is very competitive and has a lot of charisma. Watching over them, Headmaster Crane who is a wise always there to guide the students. So this is the category. This wonderful category is full of amazing things and you should discover them. And one and only you can learn how to be a student at Stardust Bay Space Academy. If you liked to play our games and if you felt good you can leave us a comment about how you felt learning new things and about felt playing this games. Good luck!