Space Racers Games

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What are Space Racers Games?

We really love it when a show manages to blend together fun and education together really well and in a high-quality package, which has certainly been the case for the show called Space Racers, a CGI-animated show focusing on the STEM sciences, which means areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It’s important for kids to learn about these areas of education from a young age, and the best way to help them learn is through interesting characters and fun stories they can watch on the screen, even more so if they have something of interest in them, such as space travel, rockets, and spaceships, which are all elements of this show!

Our team knows that learning is even better when it is interactive, so playing our Space Racers Games online is definitely something we encourage because you’ve got memory games to improve this important part of the brain, or a game such as Space Collector, where you get to fly the spaceship and collet items about which you learn more information!

What is Space Racers about?

So that kids can relate better with the characters, the anthropomorphic spaceships that this show focuses on are also young in age, as they are cadets at the Stardust Space Academy, with them traveling all through the solar system on the missions given to them by their teachers, and during these missions, kids watching them can also learn science lessons.

Who are the Space Racers?

Each cadet resembles some kind of bird, and you will see that they are also named after birds, so let us give you an introduction to this squad, so you can enjoy playing games with Space Racers even more so!

Eagle is the leader of the team, and this is because he is the most confident one, he is the fastest, and never backs down from a challenge, since he is very competitive, and always wants to be the winner. He might make mistakes, but he always owns up to them, as should you!

His best friend is named Hawk, and his main physical trait is that he is the biggest one of the team, with only his heart being bigger, as he cares for everyone around him, and maybe that is why he has a really good memory of people and places, and any kind of information.

Next up we’ve got Raven, who is really fast, almost rivaling Eagle in that aspect, and he can be quite confident and too proud at times, although he always learns from his mistakes when he is wrong.  

Robyn is a girl spaceship, and she is the smartest of the bunch, always in search of a new book to read. The other girl is Starling, the youngest cadet at the academy, who is really brave for her small size, and admires her older classmates, wanting to be just like them one day!

With such a cast of lovable characters, the possibility of learning and having fun all at the same time, playing our Space Racers Games for kids should definitely now be your top priority! Enjoy!