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What are Spliced Games?

Spliced is an television series that was produced by Teletoon and Nelvana, which aired on Jetix cartoon program in Latin America on 20 April 2009 play-games.com site brings attention to all players games with your favorite characters from the series Spliced​​. As a successful serial was broadcast in several countries such as Canada, Australia, America, the UK and Sweden, reaching popular in a short time and obtaining a hearing numbers. Spliced ​​games are just as fun and interesting as show why we chose to give you the opportunity to enter the characters in the games we offer. Spliced game ​​is a modern approach to the fantasy created in 1896, the new reformulation of the show was very well received by viewers. As in the original story, the action revolves around a mad scientist who experiments consisting genetic recombination DNAs, with which created mutant animals designed to form a functional society. Scientist living on a deserted island and deserted, tropical island called Keep Away Island. The series shows the new characters, one stranger than the other, the result of the doctor's experiments. One of the characters is Peri, a species with indeterminate purposes, but is an expert in creating balls of all kinds. Along with his best friend's Entrée, created a game called bucket-stick-fruit-ball. Peri lives in an abandoned plane that crashed on the island long ago. Entrée Another character is being created as a perfect animal, like a cow udder with the body of a pig, chicken wings and tail like a like some shrimp. For more Spliced Games please send us an email and there told us what is your favorite game that we donse'nt have to our website and you realy love to play. Due udder that it has, Entrée can travel in time and can produce spectacular light shows. He lives in a giant pizza oven and his bed is a barbecue. Two-legs Joe and Mr. Wingus Eternum are two characters in one, Joe is a mutant growth on his leg Wingus. Two-foot Joe is and always stay mutants Mayor blown because experiments created by Peri and Entree that can destroy the whole city. Joe is a rhino on two legs, and Wingus is a mutant species of sea bird. Patricia, another character in the show is a platypus, and it feels very alone on the island where he lives. It immerses its solitude in art, her talent and writer has even written a book of poetry and a novel. Besides art, Patricia is an expert in martial arts. Princess Pony Apehands a pony tail and head, attached to a gorilla body. Being very young, is one of the most aggressive mutants because it has the necessary maturity to understand the harm done others hurts a lot. Her house is in a tree deep in the forest, and inside it is pink, and her body in pink and purple. Compuhorse is also an interesting character is a horse with a computer implanted. He can not move his lips, but talking to a computer or. Fuzzy is a little adventurer, the island appears designed to create robots by another scientist, but failed and then was elected as an explorer of the island. Mister Smarty Smarts is a dolphin, chimpanzee and Jack Russell terrier with a well-developed primate brain, trying to take over the island. He lives in a burrow which is on a slope of the volcano and is quite selfish, thinking that the rest of the inhabitants of the island are fools. Our last character is called Octocat and is a combination of a cat and an octopus. Octocat is also Mister Smarty Smarts assistance, which is suspected to have a romantic connection. We offer all these interesting characters in our games, we hope you enjoy and make you play them more and more. Every time you are interested in Spliced's Games please come to us to play the best games with Spliced online offered for free to you.