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What are Stella Games?

Stella Games is a new category, which I created following your desires, because we know that Stella is an important person in your childhood, so friv team thought to create a special category for it, in which we try to add various games. In this category we will try to add a lot of games, more diversified, so you kids to mix business with pleasure. What does this mean? It means that besides the fun and entertainment that you hand during the game, we try to add a few games, from which you can and learn something or to create an opinion about a job in a particular field. For example, if we add a game to the dentists, you can create an idea about what this job, and if you like, you can tell your parents, and we're sure they'll be proud of you. Since I did not say exactly who and how Stella got her as a character so important in the lives of children and online gaming. It will make a brief summary as to know what it is. Stella is the princess tanner, and one of the founders of the group Winx Solaria. Also she is the owner and guard ring solariums solariums. This girl has about 17 years and is recognized as the daughter of the Sun and the Moon. He likes to be around her peace and quiet, to get along with everyone, doing everything possible for them to achieve. It is a selfless and understanding person. The series starring has no less than six seasons, each season being super appreciated by children. Stella always wants residents to lead a good life solariums, happy because her happiness depends on it. Stella has some supernatural powers which come from her parents, Sun and Moon. Although the two parents, one can say that are totally different from each other, and that Stella was normal to receive supernatural powers from both, these powers were transmitted only from the sun, so Stella powers relying on solar power . It can use solar energy into positive action, but also negative, but prefer not to do it than in cases of extreme necessity. We invite you to play games in this category to learn more about Stella, your favorite character. Give of your best in every game and so you have the chance to enter the top of the best players. Success!