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What are Stuck in the Middle Games?

In these new games with Stuck in the Middle, you will meet Harley Diaz, a girl who is the middle one of the children if you watch the show. She has three elder brothers and three small ones. She is very good at engineering and has to use her skills to live happily in such a big family. There are a lot of adventures waiting for our heroine, and she has to work hard to survive in the family with all her brothers and sisters. She always talks with the kids who watch the show and tells them about her situation. She is brilliant, and she invented all kinds of things. She tries to make her life easier in such a big family with her inventions and devices. She loves all her brothers and sisters, although they make her life difficult. They have a lot of conflicts, but they have learned to work together as a team.

Rahel Diaz is the oldest of the children, at 16. Ethan is Harley`s best friend in the family. She is the eldest of the brothers, and he loves music. Daphne is the smallest in the family, always with her dolls. She likes having tea with them. He likes to get revenge on those who take her things. Lewie and Beast are twins, and they do everything together.