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What are Subway Surfers Games?

Subway Surfers Online is a free game for mobile phones and tablets which was originally only available as an app, and it first appeared in 2012, becoming an instant sensation immediately after its release. Not only was the original game very popular, but its sequels and new skins were also instant hits, and so were its fan-made games, which we have kept bringing ever since then. Also, there was even a Subway Surfers animated series that ran for 11 episodes that you might have watched.

If you don’t have it on your phone, or you want to play it from your browsers, you can now do it on our website, where in addition to the original, we’ve got plenty more spin-off games, fan-made games, and adjacent ones that offer you different experiences with the same characters.

How to play Subway Surfers Games online:

This game fits in the world of endless runner games, which this game has not invented, but is actually one of the most popular genres out there, but thanks to the new take on the format, the game blew up in popularity right away! The story of the games goes that you assume the role of a graffiti artist, which can be a boy or a girl, and whose character design has changed over the years, with lots of fresh and interesting new avatars being released.

You were caught doing graffiti in the subways by an inspector and his dog, and they are now chasing you, which is why you have to run through the metro line in order not to get caught. There have been special games where you did this in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Tokyo, and other cities. If they play on mobile phones or platforms, players use their fingers to swipe right and left to steer in these directions, they swipe up to jump and swipe down to crouch. For the same actions, you use the arrow keys on computers.

You duck, jump, and crouch in order to avoid the various obstacles on the metro line because if you get hit by trains, obstacles, or get caught up by your chasers, you lose the game. Instead, try to get as far as possible to get a big score. Your score can also be improved upon by grabbing as many coins as possible from the courses, coins that can be used to get new characters, and you will also find power-ups that will help you be faster, get more coins, or get further ahead.

When it comes to the characters featured in the games, and avatars that you can unlock, we have to mention the three most popular ones, starting with Jake, a boy wearing a hood and a cap, Fresh, a dark-skinned boy who has a boombox with him all the time, since he loves music, and the first woman character in the series, Tricky, who wears a red hat and has glasses.

Since the games so exciting and fun, it’s quite obvious why these games caught on fire as soon as they appeared, and now that you know how the originals work, let’s tell you more about their spin-offs here, so you can have fun in other ways and get an even better time out of this page!

Discover our best Subway Surfers Games unblocked, right now!

One of the fun things about games with Subway Surfers is that they are easily adaptable by those who are talented and smart enough to do it, which is why we have many versions where the main surfer characters have been transformed into characters from other media, meaning that on this page you will get to play these endless running games, but together with the likes of Batman, Angry Gran, Angry Dad, and even some pets, since animals can graffiti and surf too, at least in online games.

Of course, we recommend any and all games on this page, and there is no doubt in our minds that you will start giving them a chance right now, since we’ve done enough convincing so far, and if you were not decided if these games were for you when you started reading this, now you know that they are must-play games that you will enjoy immediately!

Not only should you return to our website as often as possible, but we hope you tell your friends about it too, and if they love Subway Surfers, invite them here first, but if not, there are hundreds of amazing categories of games you can show them, where they will find something to their liking immediately!