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What are Taffy Games?

No matter how many new and exciting Boomerang shows appear on the air, they just can’t seem to miss, and the very same thing can be said about the amazing online Boomerang Games created for them, with our team being known to always bring you the latest categories from this world of cartoons, just like we are doing right now with Taffy Games, based on the popular show with the same name that had just been renewed for a second season, so we are expecting to have it and its games around for a long time!

Meet Taffy, Boomerang’s raccoon-turned-cat!

Scraggs is a raccoon who one day has the incredible luck of getting adopted by an elderly woman called Mrs. Muchmore, and this is because she can’t really see well and confuses him for a cat, and so she brings him home and names him Taffy.

This sets up a lot of fun and adventure, because Mrs. Muchmore already had a pet, and that was a dog named Bentley, and the dog knows very well that Taffy is actually an animal from the wild, so he does his best to uncover the secret to his owner.

Among the secondary characters of the show we have to mention Roxy, a raccoon who is also pretending to be a cat to live in the house of a rich lady, and she becomes Scragg’s main love interest, although she is not that into him as he is into her.

Fun and funny things are happening around these animals all the time, and there is not even a moment of boredom, just like it is going to be the case with our games with Taffy online too, where you get to interact with them directly!

Come find out what our best Taffy Games for kids are!

Well, this is one of the new shows on Boomerang with the most games released so far, and the primary game that we would recommend to you would be Adventure of a Lunchtime, a game where you help our raccoon get as much food as possible since he loves nothing more than to eat and waste time.

In addition to that, kids are encouraged to get creative and artistic with some coloring games where they paint these characters, to improve their brains by playing memory games with cards or get better at solving problems by solving jigsaw puzzle games with animals!

There is plenty of fun to go around this category, believe us, and this is just the beginning, because we are sure that as new seasons of the show keep getting released, awesome new games are going to appear, and you can bet that on Play-Games you will find them first!

Also, this is not our first category of Boomerang Games, so visit the related categories of this one, or check out all of our daily new games to keep the fun going for however long you want it!