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What are Talia In the Kitchen Games?

Talia is a young girl of 14 who is a family that has a great restaurant in his hometown. Which is why Talia tries to enter the family atmosphere and create with her mother and father all kinds of networks that are more or less innovative, managed to reach eventually to create the most complicated and difficult dishes. For that Talia has received a big secret, inherited from her father namely that with pepper and salt do you do miracles, real magic in the kitchen. In the days ahead Talia family get behind the restaurant and started cooking for restaurant customers then it realizes that it has true value in this job and try to discover new foods so you get the end of the day collect with family and friends working at a restaurant and make a lot of money. The fun is not neglected every minute in the restaurant already has a very high popularity. The next character that you want to present it is very Fuccinelli Tyson is one of twins who'll meet in these amazing drawings and games presented by Nickelodeon, Tyson has a good heart, he wants to help everyone to his sister Debbie twin without regard for anyone or anything when entering the family restaurant; she thinks her family's restaurant is the most popular, a true royal restaurant. Rudy Rosales, who keeps all breathless when the mixer is installed because it mixed the songs are downright amazing, beautiful and they all lust for life once also listen to songs. Well, they are most of the characters you'll meet in these online games Talia kitchen.